Sunday, August 20, 2017

15 Rejections That Sting More Than A Slap In The Face

Getting rejected sucks, but for the rest of us, it happens to be pretty funny — especially when it happens on social media for everyone to see! So get ready to laugh at the next people who took a chance and fell flat on their face...don't worry, they'll be back on the horse in no time! 

1. Sometimes, words aren't necessary 

2. That's some impressive self-control 

3. Only if it has feathers and quacks

4. Back off, bro 

Think you know savage? Just wait till you see Mom...

5. Damn! Mom's got some curve game! 

6. Brrrrrr. That's cold

7. You're not my type 

8. Not the most subtle pickup line 

Apparently, the next person got real desperate...

9. Can't even get a date with the dead 

10. That's rough

11. That face, though...

12. I guess you're going stag 

You might say the next person is WAY ahead of the curve...

13. Technically, he got curved before the conversation even started 

14. Didn't see that plot twist coming...

15. Like our love 

16. Byyyeeeee


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