Monday, August 14, 2017

15 Surprising Ryan Reynolds Facts

Have you noticed that Ryan Reynolds has recently become the most talked about Canadian? That's probably a good thing since we were getting pretty tired only hearing about Justin Bieber all the time. Ryan has gone from the guy who stars in rom coms (The Proposalis the best rom com EVER) to guy who's a Marvel superhero! Deadpoolbroke box office records and cemented Ryan's status as an A-list actor. Oh, and how could we forget about his marriage to Blake Lively? They've become a power couple and I just want to be adopted by them! Ryan's always in the media but I bet that there are still some things you don't know about the Canadian actor. Here are some surprising facts about Ryan Reynolds!

1. Ryan's a famous actor now but back in high school, he failed drama class!

I wonder what his high school drama teacher thinks about that decision...

2.  A long time ago, he played Berg on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. He completely thought that Beacon Street Pizza was a real pizza place. He even went to Boston and looked for it only to find out it was fake!

3. Ryan has an extreme fear of flying after he went skydiving and the parachute failed to open at the first attempt.

The fact that he went in the first place is impressive!

4. Ryan loves to go on cross-country motorcycle trips. One time, he revealed that he had to take a bathroom break on the side of the road and jumped over what he thought was a ravine. He ended up jumping into a horse carcass.

He said he was scarred for life! 

5. Ryan and Blake's love story is so cute! They met on the set of The Green Lantern but were with other people at the time. A year later, they went on a double date but not with each other and ended up hitting it off. 

Ryan said it was awkward for their dates because they could clearly see him and Blake's chemistry! And now they're married and have a beautiful family. Awww!

6. Ryan revealed that he was furious when he found out that one of his closest friends tried to sell photos of his daughter, James. And Ryan was forced to cut him from his life. 

7. Ryan took his role in Amityville Horror so seriously that he refused to get close to the actors playing his kids. He thought it would make it easier for him to act abusive towards them. The kids thought he just really hated him! 

8. Ryan believed so much in Deadpool and wanted to get it made. It took 10 years for the movie to finally be filmed and released!

9. Ryan's a romantic! Before he married Blake Lively, he met Rachael Leigh Cook in 2001. They hit it off but Rachael had to fly to England for a movie. Ryan pulled out of his filming schedule and surprised her in London!

They ended up dating for a year. Ryan's got some skills! 

10. Ryan revealed that his first kiss was behind a dumpster at school when he was 13. That's hardly romantic!

11. In Just Friends, Ryan played the overweight high school version of his character. Ryan spent four hours in the makeup chair. He was so unrecognizable that when a fan came up to him, he pretended he wasn't himself!

12. When he was filming Buried, Ryan began to suffer from claustrophobia because he was locked in a coffin for hours every day! 

And then as filming went on, the coffin was filling more and more with sand which left him even less room to move and breathe. 

13. He's a bit of a daredevil! He's jumped off a bridge in Zurich after he saw a friend of his do it. As soon as he got up in the water, he knew something was wrong. He had broken a vertebrae in his back. 

14. Ryan loves the character of Deadpool so much that he went trick-or-treating with children as the character. 

15. And finally, his sad face is perfect for memes. He looks like he regrets every single life decision he's ever made. He looks genuinely dead inside and IT'S THE BEST. 

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I don't know, guys. I don't think anything can beat The Proposal


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