Wednesday, August 23, 2017

16 Fire Trends From 2008 That Need To Make A Comeback

2008 was an interesting time for trends, whether those trends were in fashion, makeup, or even pop culture.

Reflecting back on it, it's fun to see where we went wrong and why some of those trends are actually oh-so-right. Maybe it's just me, but I think these trends should definitely be brought back from the dead.

1. If you didn't take pictures of your friend's feet gathered in a circle, were you even living 2008 to its fullest?

Bonus points for editing the ever-loving crap out of it.

I think bringing this trend back would bring people closer least psychically, anyway. And what's wrong with that?

2. There are a few different things happening in this picture that we need to start doing again.

First of all, the duck lips. They were always really flattering, right? 

Plus, the gold woven belt draped around the waist like that is really stylish, so let's start that up right now.

3. Anything and everything to do with Twilightbasically defined 2008 and the few years following.

Why did we have to stop fighting over Jacob and Edward? That was fun. I miss it.

4. Bangles and bubble dresses, why did you leave so soon?

It's a fun look! These days, everyone takes themselves too seriously. I think we just need to spark a little change.

5. There's something so humbling about the white t-shirt and denim photo shoots we used to do with our families.

Of course, you were always barefoot. Why don't we do this anymore? It seems nice.

6. You didn't qualify as a preppy teen if you didn't take a downward angled selfie wearing your Abercrombie & Fitch polo.

I think we were on to something here. It's a flattering angle, and those polos were of a decent quality. Mine lasted forever

7. 2008 was a time when all people wanted to debate about was which David should win American Idol.

Even though David Cook won, my heart will always vote for Archuleta.

Seeing as American Idolis coming back, maybe we'll get some stiff competition again.

8. Makeup has changed drastically since 2008.

People have toned it down on the heavy eyeliner and frosted pink lipstick, but to that, I ask, "Why?"

I bet if the beauty vloggers started doing it again, it would become cool once more.

9. Metallic, satin dresses were most certainly 2008.

I also think that the time stamp on pics should be brought back. 

It's so easy to tell when a photo was taken. Who had the not-so-bright idea to take that away from us?

10. The layered turtleneck, the tasseled pashmina scarf, and, of course, the Uggs.  

It's all so practical and perfect for any weather. We need to start dressing logically again, like these girls.

11. Whose idea was it to stop taking pictures of your shadow with your best friends?

It's so fun, and it's a nice alternative to the "selfie," especially when you're not feeling particularly photogenic. 

12. For some reason, all of the chunky headbands we once wore ten years ago were silk and polka-dotted.

It's not a terrible look, though! It reminds me of a better time.

13. Bedazzled trucker hats? Yes, please!

I know that I pulled this off in 2008, and you can bet I would pull it off now.

Also, a big "YES" to the blue halter top. Bring that back, too.

14. You know what we really need? Another TV series starring Bryan Cranston.

Breaking Badhad just come out in '08, and people constantly asked if you were watching. Guess what? You were, because it was a fire show that I would give anything to relive for the first time.

15. What I wouldn't give to pull out my #Brobama shirt again.

2008 definitely was a simpler time, and I know I'm not the only one who would like to bring Obama back.

16. There's too much going on here. I don't know where to start.

The Care Bears shirt? The layered necklace? How about the neon-green-and-black color combo?

COMMENTand let us know what you'd love to wear again!


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