Monday, August 21, 2017

16 Hilarious Pics For When Time Needs To Speed Up

OK, so we all know that time flies when you're having fun and slows down when everything sucks. I've always thought that was super unfair, but that's the way it is.

So whether you're waiting for someone to show up, waiting to get to where you need to go, or just waiting for the day to end, you're gonna need something to keep you nice and distracted while time keeps on tickin'.

Well, you're in luck. My illustrious colleagues and I have enough memes, goofs, and laughs to wait out anything.

To get you started, here are 16 perfectly speedy ones for your waiting pleasure.

1. Well, it's not their fault the Bank of Peppa Pig allowed this to happen.

They used to be such a trustworthy institution, but after the recession hit, they just haven't been the same.

2. Well, who's gonna tell you that wasn't an important video?

Not me. When so many things come together so perfectly, they have to be celebrated.

3. Just make sure it's not about how you have nothing to do or nobody to talk to.

Otherwise, that might be true sooner than you think.

4. Ooh, the three scariest words in the English language.

Well, at least without creating your own problem like "poison bomb shark" or something.

I'd love to know the context behind this...

5. You know those kids who always slammed their desks and made weird noises to drive the teacher crazy?

Speaking from experience, I have a feeling that's how Jerry and Robby got themselves into this situation.

6. Haha, the other drivers are probably as mad as everyone else in the street when I do this.

Whatever. If they wanna have bad luck for the rest of the day, that's on them.

7. Hey, there's nothing in the rental agreement that says a horse can't get an apartment.

He's just saying hey to his buddy, Air Bud, who got him the place.

8. I'm gonna be extremely disappointed if these aren't literally about the adventures of a blue M&M.

Like, how he keeps from getting eaten or melting and how he gets along with the other candies. That all has to be in there. 

Being different pays off...

9. At times like these, it doesn't even matter if he was trying to diss you.

For real, who's gonna have a better ice cream cone than that?

10. When they see those pages and pages of "hack the planet" written over and over again, they'll know you're the boss.

Sure, that'll be right before they figure out who did it, but glory is fleeting.

11. There you go, you've already found a way better replacement.

Plus, it's just something that people don't hear enough.

12. They may not be as savage as Wendy's, but shout out for dealing with a curve ball like that. 

Also, that "maybe not" was smart. You don't wanna overpromise.

It's all about perspective.

13. Man, I don't know what kind of magic you have to work to make squatting in a bush look good.

I'm definitely bringing this guy with me the next time I have to make a pit stop.

14. Hahaha yeah, and the doorknob's a little loose on my house's 32nd bedroom.

But nothing was worse than when I had to get that used helicopter. How gauche.

15. If this keeps up, there's no way we're gonna be able to hold all these Ls. 

Pretty sure that's enough for like five boxes of Alpha Bits.

16. Well yeah, making all that lava would tucker anybody out.

There's no better way to get a day in gear, though.


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