Wednesday, August 16, 2017

16 People With Absolutely No Chill

Sometimes you just need to know when to call it a night, get in a cab and straight to your sofa with a bowl of mac 'n' cheese. Most of us can probably tell when that time has arrived and we're able to remove ourselves from the situation before things get wild, but some people have no clue when they should retire for the night. Although these people are super annoying to everyone around them, they are positively hilarious for the rest of us. 

1. Tweety Bird should call it a night.

2. Someone has trust issues.

3. Apparently not all fedoras are made equally.

Stop trying to make fedoras happen! They aren't going to happen.

4. Some people march to the sound of their own drum or flutey thing.

A beard can be sexy or it can be #7.

5. This is what happens when you marry someone who probably should've just been the crazy ex-girlfriend.

6. Can't trust 'em.

7. The neck beard can't be contained.

8.  If sharing is caring, this lady is a modern-day Mother Theresa. 

#11 explains why they call retirement your golden years. 

9. This pork chop sandwich is lit (literally). 

10. But why?

I mean, of all the celebrities you could snuggle up with...?

11. When your blastin' that hippity hop to keep things poppin' at the home.

12. This guy will probably be seen next on an episode of Snappedor Women Who Kill. 

Check your local listing. 

#16 will give the term "awesome possum" a whole new meaning. 

13. When you leave it all on the dance floor.

14. You lost me at bananas with ketchup. 

15. When your boyfriend acts too much like an actual boy.

This chick needs to level up and get herself a man.

16. When you live fast and almost end up dying young.


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