Monday, August 14, 2017

Man Gets High On 17 Drugs And Makes Terrifying Self-Portraits

There are so many things in the world that seem to pose a threat to human beings. Whether or not what we consume is natural, we're more susceptible to the effects than we would like to believe. With that said, there are often things that are demonized without good reason, then there are the things that deserve the negative reputation. Realistically speaking, most "hard" drugs are going to leave some lasting damage, assuming you use them continuously. Interestingly, they can provide some pretty insane effects and hallucinations.

One artist, Bryan Lewis Saunders, decided to delve into the world of drugs and artistry, producing some pretty unreal self-portraits. As expected, most of the self-portraits are pretty crazy, though there are some that are quite tame and nicely colored. How many drugs did he test? Before receiving temporary brain damage, he went through one per day for ~17 days, though this included intoxicants like alcohol.

1. While on 25I-NBOMe, this was the masterpiece he procured. I mean, take a look at that cat-dog-baby thing touching the tree with its ears!

2. I don't know what Abilify is, but it clearly messes you up.

3. Hah, get it? Adder, like the snake, plus all to equal Adderall the drug. Gottem.

4. I don't know how wasted you would have to be to make this, but most people are familiar with the effects of alcohol.

5. Why yes, you are on "medication." Keen observation, friend!

(He was on Ativan/Haloperidol)

6. Bath salts have quite the reputation, so this just solidifies the reasoning behind why people go so crazy.

7. You know that saying, "cocaine is a hell of a drug?" Yeah, I get it now.

8. I didn't know computer dusters contained anything that could get you high, but they actually contain various gasses that can get the job done. Nice drawing!

9. Hash probably had the most pleasant effect because of this beautiful piece of art.

10. LSD (that he describes as "shitty") apparently warps your vision. I've got to say, these are some pretty terrifying pictures.

11. And finally, some mushrooms. When in doubt, eat a few mushrooms and watch your worries...amplify? If this has taught me one thing, it's to not do drugs.


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