Tuesday, August 15, 2017

People Are Shaming This Body-Positive Blogger Who Got Skin-Removal Surgery

After losing a total of 150lbs, body-positive blogger Amanda Roberts was left with 14lbs of excess skin around her waist. 

And while Amanda has consistently spoken up about self-love — including for her excess skin — she recently took advantage of a surgical opportunity that had some people questioning her commitment to the body-positive community.

"I had made the decision to learn to love my body as it was, loose skin and all."

"I decided to be at peace with my body and mind and love myself as I was," said Amanda, who had grown a large fanbase on Instagram for being an outstanding example for the body-positive movement.

"I'd learned to love my loose skin. Instead of seeing it as a bad reminder of the past, I saw it as a trophy showing how far I'd come in my journey."

Amanda's online popularity skyrocketed after she started the hashtag #TummyLoveThursday.

It wasn't long before Amanda's success earned her an invite from the television show The Doctors, where she was featured in a discussion about body positivity. 

During the segment, cohost Dr. Andrew Ordon surprised Amanda by offering her free skin-removal surgery.

"I thought that I wouldn't be able able to afford skin removal surgery for a long time — at least five or more years — but I did know that it would be necessary eventually,' recalled Amanda.

Amanda faced a number of medical issues while living with the excess skin. These problems included rashes, sores, potential infections, and discomfort.

But when Amanda's fans heard the news, not all of them were happy for her.

"They said that if I truly loved myself, I wouldn't want to change anything about myself," said Amanda.

"But the way I see it: if you love yourself, you'll do whatever YOU feel is best for your body," she added.

"Self-love is such a personal journey, there shouldn't be any guidelines or criteria for self-love or body positivity."

After all, it's called self-love, a concept which has nothing to do with the opinions of others.

"Loving myself at every stage of this journey has been my ultimate goal," said Amanda.

"And I'm proud to say I've reached that goal."

"I’m so ecstatic with my results so far," said Amanda, who is currently in the recovery process after surgery.

Following her surgery, Amanda has continued to be an inspiration on Instagram, motivating others to love their body at each stage of their own fitness journey.

"I’m feeling AMAZING."

"You can love yourself and change yourself at the same time," explained Amanda.

Amen to that!

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