Friday, August 25, 2017

Phoenix Hair Looks Just As Fierce As It Sounds

I have commitment issues when it comes to my hair. I love bold cuts and wild colors but can never seem to summon up enough courage at the salon. So although I likely won't be partaking in this new hair trend, the pictures are seriously tempting me. You know the phoenix? That mythical, flaming bird that makes an appearance in the Harry Pottermovies? Well, it's this whimsical creature that's responsible for the latest craze in hair dye. 

Bright red, orange, and fuchsia hair seems to be popping up all over my Instagram feed and the results are completely mesmerizing. So even if you're a hair commitment freak like me, keep scrolling for a list of phoenix-inspired dye jobs that are bold, beautiful, and totallymind blowing. 

Okay, whoa. This fiery hair color is absolutely insane. Leave it to Guy Tang to create such an incredible hair masterpiece.

I'm super into how this phoenix-inspired color becomes subtly lighter at the ends. Look at that shine!

This flaming dye job is so utterly bold. I like how they added in some darker fuchsia strands for dimension. 

Now this is what true phoenix-inspired ombré color looks like. From burgundy at the top to blonde on the bottom!

This faded, cotton candy pink color got a serious upgrade here. The flaming red and orange balayage color is sobeautiful. 

Guy Tang strikes again! These burgundy, fuchsia, and tangerine strands are completely hypnotic. I'm so curious as to how long this coloring process took.

You don't need super long locks to participate in the phoenix hair trend. This cropped, curly cut and color are amazing!

Wow. This is a serious work of art. I know this color is phoenix-inspired, but it reminds me exactly of a red My Little Pony I had as a kid. 

Wavy flames for days. I can't get over how long, luscious, and healthy-looking these phoenix-inspired locks are. What are your secrets, girl?!

This hair transformation is seriously insane. From dull, brassy blonde to sleek and phoenix-like!

This braid looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. I love how these fiery colors look when woven into a thick, whimsical fishtail braid. 

This gal knows that every phoenix-inspired dye job should be paired with a fuchsia lip. I'm loving her retro-style waves here. 


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