Saturday, August 26, 2017

These Pics Prove That Daniel Radcliffe Might Be A Time Traveller

Daniel Radcliffe only played a wizard on screen. He isn't actually a wizard... or is he? It looks like Daniel isn't a muggle like the rest of us! He's a full-blown wizard because he can time travel! The wonderful world of the internet has found some vintage pictures of Daniel that obviously proves that he owns a time turner and has lived for decades. You're a wizard, Daniel! You can't hide it from us anymore! 

Remember when Daniel looked like this in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?!


And then remember when he shocked us all by transforming in front of our eyes? I can't believe he looked like this in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2!

Damn, Daniel!

Everyone already knew that there was something special about Daniel because he already looks like Elijah Wood. 

Like, are they twins?! How??? Is??? This??? Even??? Possible???

It looks like Daniel was fooling us all when he told us he was just a regular muggle! He can legit time travel and there's evidence!

Are you ready to see Daniel throughout the ages? Get ready... it's pretty freaky...

Before we get started, let's just have yet another look at Daniel. THIS is what he looks like in 2016! 

Now here's Daniel just randomly living in Manchester in the 1940s. 

Wait, what?! What's his story?! I need answers!

This is Daniel last year on the red carpet looking dapper AF. 

He is slaying the red carpet with that hair and that beard. 

Ok but now he's a smiley teenage girl in the 1950s! 

What is happening here?!

Here's Daniel again just being a normal celeb walking, like, 10 dogs. 

Those girls in the background? Same. 

Here's Daniel in the 1970s! BTW, Daniel. Hair game is strong!

Also, is that Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live beside him?! ARE ALL CELEBS TIME TRAVELERS?! I NEED THIS TO BE EXPLAINED.

Daniel looks a lot like a normal, MODERN human being here. This was taken in 2014. 

So why is he painted as a woman in a portrait?! *CLUTCHES PEARLS* What sorcery is this?!

 Prim and proper Daniel is my favorite Daniel.

One last time. This is Daniel now looking very much like a muggle. 

So how could he have even time traveled to the 1880s to be a show girl?!

Work it, Daniel! That hand on the hip pose is fab!

It's all very confusing. I just want to know where he got his time turner and how I can get my hands on one too!

So maybe Daniel IS a wizard and he IS the Chosen One! That's the only way this makes sense! COMMENTand tell us which era you'd like to time travel to!

TBH I'd go back to the 1970s to meet up with Daniel Radcliffe and ask him which hair products he uses.


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