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15 Surprising Things About Anna Kendrick

15 Surprising Things About Anna Kendrick

I love celebrities who seem like the kind of person you could go grab some pizza and watch Netflix with all night. It's nice to know that there are normal, down-to-earth famous people who don't take themselves so seriously. Anna Kendrick is the leader of the cool celebs and just seems to be an all-around awesome girl. Here are some facts about Anna you may not have heard before.

1. Anna once made the President have a laugh attack.

I want to know what she said!

2. She didn't learn the song "Cups" for Pitch Perfect. She just saw it on reddit and was bored enough to teach it to herself.

I have done this with choreography from Dance Moms. We are the same, she and I.

3. Anna was actually stoked that she wasn't part of the last Twilightmovie. She said it was a relief not to have to keep doing the interviews for it.

Really, how many times can someone answer "Team Edward or Team Jacob"?

4. She'll be starring in the third Pitch Perfect movie.

I'd do a lot worse things for $6 million.

5. Just to prove she's always been talented, she was nominated for a Tony Award when she was only 12 Years Old!

Her pipes in Pitch Perfect are no joke.

6. She loves Taco Bell so much but is simultaneously ashamed of it. She'll make sure to only go through the drive-thru and then eat it in her car.

Same as me, just with more tears.

7. Speaking of food, she once had a hot dog temporarily named after her.

But they changed it to Malin Akerman. Such is the fickle nature of food trucks.

8. Anna still gets starstruck, and lost her mind when she met Beyoncé.

She ended up putting this gem up on her Instagram.

9. Apparently, Anna thinks Tim Gunn is a hot piece of stud, tweeting that she wished she was a gay man just so she could date him!

He is rather dapper.

10. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Up In The Air.

It was her first starring role!

11. She absolutely loves The Lord Of The Rings movies, and marathons them once a year.

Just when I think she can't get any cooler.

12. During time off from filming Anna decided to work in a bake shop just because she loves it.

Even on vacation the girl can't stop working. 

13. She's a tiny leading lady, measuring in at only 5'2".

I just want to put her in my pocket and head off to get some Gorditas at The Bell

14. Before Anna herself was hacked in the celebrity nude leaks dubbed "The Fappening," she tweeted this response to her brother.

The exact contents of my cell phone gallery, too.

The photos from Anna's phone were released, and true to her tweet, she was fully clothed in all of them.

Hope those hackers were pleased with themselves when they got an eyeful of all those jeans and t-shirts.

What's your fave Anna Kendrick movie? Tell us in the COMMENTS!

The Photos Up For 2017 Sony World Photography Awards Are Absolutely

The Photos Up For 2017 Sony World Photography Awards Are Absolutely Stunning

Isn't it heartening to know that there are still photographers who want to take pictures of more than just the meals they're about to eat or the shirt they're thinking of buying? From the peaks of snow-capped mountains to the sandy depths of the ocean, photographers are out there to show us the kind of world we're living in. And if the entries shortlisted for the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards are any indication, it's one heck of a world out there.

Two concertgoers turn around for a selfie.

Shortlisted in the Open Architecture category.

A rancher trots along the edge of a dust cloud kicked up by his herd.

Shortlisted in the Open Motion category.

An aerial view of the coast of the Adriatic Sea near Montenegro.

Shortlisted in the Open Travel category.

Buffaloes dip their noses to drink at South Africa's Zimanga game reserve.

Shortlisted in the Open Wildlife category.

An Iranian mourning ceremony.

Shortlisted in the Open Culture category.

Storm clouds menace a highway, leading to a tornado near Stratford, Texas.

Shortlisted in the Open Nature category

Russian bodybuilders apply body paint before a competition.

Shortlisted in the Professional Sport category.

A young girl defies gravity gripping a yellow ball. 

Shortlisted in the Open Enhanced category.

A surreal composition called 'Transcending Ego' by German photographer Julian Schievelkamp.

Shortlisted in the Open Enhanced category.

A mountain climber trudges through the snow on Mount Belukha in Russia.

Shortlisted in the Open Nature category.

Diamond dust forming above a forest in Japan.

Shortlisted in the Open Nature category.

A group of bound, blindfolded Iraqi men wait to be interviewed by Kurdish security near Kirkuk, Iraq.

Shortlisted in the Professional Current Affairs & News category.

The 'lonely tree' in the Vermilion Cliffs in Arizona.

Shortlisted in the Professional Landscape category.

Dolphins foraging for food on the sea floor, in crystal clear waters.

Shortlisted in the Open Wildlife category.

Shaolin monks run along a wall. 

Shortlisted in the Professional Sport category.

An Armenian girl sits in a makeshift shelter.

Shortlisted in the Professional Daily Life category.

A reflected vision appearing to be a perfectly symmetrical building, on the banks of the Danube River.

Shortlisted in the Professional Architecture category.

17 Pictures That'll Jiggle Your Sensitive Spots With Laughter

17 Pictures That'll Jiggle Your Sensitive Spots With Laughter

No rhyme or reason.

No because or why.

No goal or desire.

Just a good ole fashioned pic dump for the fine people of the internet. A compilation of all things recent, funny and even cringe-worthy. Yes, we've got it all, folks. You will pass the smoothest of poops as you scroll mindlessly through these chuckles. So buckle in, make sure there's toilet paper on the roll and enjoy the content.

1. Always read the fine print.

2. I don't personally know what this means, but the internet is telling me it's funny.

3. Dad, is that you?

4. Rabbit is another delicious dead animal. Especially as a stew.

5. This photo is faker than that orgasm your girlfriend keeps not having. 

hashtag burn.

6. This is uncomfortably true. I once held a baby named Debbie who had an abusive boyfriend and three kids. 

7. A random bowl of porridge. Don't question it, just keep scrolling.

8. Domestic disputes between reimagined with animals.

9. Doctors HATE him...

10. And I'm the one that feels "bad" because I don't leave the door slightly ajar during a snowstorm in February.

Nothing pleases you cats.

11. No idea when this will come in handy, but you never know.

12. David Hasselhoff in a cutoff shirt of his younger self with a little person from Baywatch? Is that what I'm seeing?

13. "I'm vacuuming the worms from my living room carpet." –her, probably

14. The one threat that made us all rats at one point in our lives.

15. Equally as perplexing is the name and username of this account.

16. Is that Charles Bukowski walking two bearded dragons? I'm convincing myself it is.

17. "Sorry, I'm the chosen one. I just figured you'd be into it."