Thursday, September 28, 2017

15 Photoshop Fails That Make Us Look Twice

We all want a nicer body (well except me, I really just need a better personality), whether it's slimmer thighs, a curvier figure, nicer skin, or bigger muscles. Amazingly, there is something out there that can provide all of the above, at least in internet reality: Photoshop. But there are some unsavory risks and side effects, most of which include disfigurement, humiliation, and being featured in this article. So here they are 15 cringe-inducing Photoshop fails that will make you do a double-take.  

1. This bodacious booty 

2. These rippling muscles 

3. This cycloptic chest area

I know one is usually bigger than the other on all women, but I'm going to go ahead and say this is shopped

4. This two belly-buttoned underwear model 

5. When you can't tell if they're wax figure replicas or the actual celebrities, it's a bad Photoshop 

6. This model who is not actually an amputee 

7. Apparently McDonald's coffee is loaded with so much sugar and caffeine it makes your hands blurry

8. Weapon of mass twerking destruction right there

9. This pug minus anus

Why would you remove the cutest part of a pug?!

10. I don't understand. Did you cut off your forearms and use them as pizza toppings?

11. Cool, I had no idea that John Mayer was a Sims character

12. This ripped baby-faced gangster 

13. What's up with your hand, Jeb?

14. This extreme thigh gap

15. These muscles that are so hot they're melting everything around them


Author: verified_user