Tuesday, September 26, 2017

17 Pictures That'll Jiggle Your Sensitive Spots With Laughter

No rhyme or reason.

No because or why.

No goal or desire.

Just a good ole fashioned pic dump for the fine people of the internet. A compilation of all things recent, funny and even cringe-worthy. Yes, we've got it all, folks. You will pass the smoothest of poops as you scroll mindlessly through these chuckles. So buckle in, make sure there's toilet paper on the roll and enjoy the content.

1. Always read the fine print.

2. I don't personally know what this means, but the internet is telling me it's funny.

3. Dad, is that you?

4. Rabbit is another delicious dead animal. Especially as a stew.

5. This photo is faker than that orgasm your girlfriend keeps not having. 

hashtag burn.

6. This is uncomfortably true. I once held a baby named Debbie who had an abusive boyfriend and three kids. 

7. A random bowl of porridge. Don't question it, just keep scrolling.

8. Domestic disputes between reimagined with animals.

9. Doctors HATE him...

10. And I'm the one that feels "bad" because I don't leave the door slightly ajar during a snowstorm in February.

Nothing pleases you cats.

11. No idea when this will come in handy, but you never know.

12. David Hasselhoff in a cutoff shirt of his younger self with a little person from Baywatch? Is that what I'm seeing?

13. "I'm vacuuming the worms from my living room carpet." –her, probably

14. The one threat that made us all rats at one point in our lives.

15. Equally as perplexing is the name and username of this account.

16. Is that Charles Bukowski walking two bearded dragons? I'm convincing myself it is.

17. "Sorry, I'm the chosen one. I just figured you'd be into it."


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