Saturday, September 23, 2017

The 15 Grossest Things 'Fear Factor' Shoved Down Our Throats


Fear Factor was the show we'd watch to remember that no matter how bad our lives got, at least we weren't eating a donkey's rectum.

It meant that while we gathered around the dinner table, we'd have a visual stimulus that would make us vomit out our food.

It was a time to be alive. But here are the grosses things you could have seen on the show...

1. These people eating leeches out of a jar was NOT cool.

2. That time they had to eat a sheep's eye.

3. Then there was the time that blended rat was on the menu…

4. Sloshing around in 50 gallons of cow blood would be the ending point for me.

5. But what about the roadkill? Yeah seriously that happened too…

6. You like sushi, right? Well, how about a sushi roll made up of maggot, stinkbug, cockroach and tarantula…?

7. You know how I know it’s a family meal? If there’s horse rectum.

8. Then there were the deer testicles — and the 100-year eggnog to wash it down. 

T'is the season amirite??

9. Then there were the boiled buffalo testicles that people had to bite into…

10. You know what I could go for right now? Some cow snout and cheese covered in maggots. Yup. Actually, nope.

11. Then there was the time that contestants had to choose whether to drink up to 30 ounces of donkey urine or sperm.

This was the challenge that ultimately lead to the show being canceled.

12. Eating a tomato hornworm is gross enough, but imagine getting its juices all over you.

13. These newlywed contestants had to eat a wedding cake filled with beetles, alligator eyeballs and worms.

14. The first episode had the poor souls strapped in a pit with a bunch of rats that crawled all over them — and their bites are NOT soft.

15. And obviously, the elk penis that Tyrone Biggums ate on Chappelle's Show.

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