Monday, September 25, 2017

You Won't Believe How Much Kelly Osbourne Has Changed Over The Years

Long before there were the Kardashians, the Duggars or the Honey Boo Boo's, there was one reality TV family that had all of us laughing hysterically. It was the family of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. Back in 2002 Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly were the dysfunctional British family that we all loved to watch argue. It was hilarious. But after three seasons the show that started it all was taken away from us. It's been over 10 years and all of the Osbournes have changed A LOT – especially Kelly. You won't believe how much she has changed!

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1. The Happy Family – Look how little she is! Kelly rocked pig tails like nobody's business back in her youngster days.

2. School Days – Before the world was first introduced to the eccentric rock stars family, Kelly looked like your average elementary school girl.

You wouldn't even THINK her dad liked to bite the heads off of bats.

3. The Teenager – Kelly started experimenting with her style in her teen years. Here she is with one of her first short hairstyles ever.

4. The Osbournes – In 2002, the world met 18-year-old Kelly and the rest of her rock star family when the very first episode of The Osbournesaired on MTV.

5. In The Spotlight – With the instant success of the TV show, Kelly Osbourne went from unknown daughter of Ozzy to A-list celebrity.

Before long, she had her very own fan base.

6. The Rock Star – Osbourne released her debut album in 2002. The album's first single was a cover of Madonna's hit song "Papa Don't Preach."

7. The Fashion Icon – In 2004 Kelly launched her very own fashion line called Stiletto Killers.

The line focused on rock and roll aesthetics and was a major success initially, but closed down just two years later. 

8. The Actress – In 2004 Kelly landed her first major acting gig as a regular on the ABC show Life As We Know It.

9. The On-Screen Regular – By 2007 Kelly had established herself as a Hollywood personality. She even began hosting I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here! NOW!

She also starred in the theater production of Chicago and lent her voice to multiple animated projects.

10. Trouble In Paradise – By 2009, Kelly started to slip. She was still active on TV but rumors started to surface of drug use and self harm.

 Then she was arrested after a physical altercation with a reporter from the Daily Mail.

11. Dancing With The Stars – Osbourne bounced back later that year with an epic line of performances on DWTS. Kelly and her partner placed third in the entire competition.

12. Back On Top – Kelly began appearing in a ton of different programs as an actress and host. From 2011-2013, Kelly did everything from host the Miss USA pageant to record her own rock/rap version of Elton John's "The Bitch Is Back."

13. The Engagement – In 2013 Kelly announced that she and longtime lover Matthew Mosshart were getting married. However, the two called the engagement off just months later. Since then her love life has been kept quite private.

14. Australia's Got Talent – In 2015 Kelly took her talents to the hit show Australia's Got Talent as a judge. She returned as a judge the following season.

15. TODAY – Kelly seems to be doing great lately and possibly looks the best she ever has!

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