Friday, October 20, 2017

11 Adorably Crocheted Pop Culture Characters

Hands up if you're a fan of adorable crocheted things! Really? ME TOO! If I had my way, I would get myself one of every little woolen character in this list. They're all so cute!

1. Kevin, Stuart, and Bob — Minions

I refuse to pick a favorite. They're all adorable. 

2. Calvin and Hobbes

The perfect representation of childhood imagination.

3. The Force is with her — Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Even when cute and woolen, Rey's ready to save the galaxy. 

4. "You are a TOY!" — Toy Story

Woody never looked so cute. 

5. Assemble! — The Avengers

I can't decide which is cuter: Captain America, or The Hulk with that crazy hair. 

6. "Weare Groot" — Guardians of the Galaxy

The addition of the flower pot just tickles me. 

7. Everyone's favorite trickster — The Avengers

Oh hi, Loki! 

8. Tiny Mickey!

Of course, we can't have adorable crocheted characters without a bunch from the House of Mouse, right?

9. "Flying makes me a better care provider" — Big Hero 6

Everyone needs a little Baymax in their lives. 

10. All the princesses! — Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I love Snow White's little headband. Tiny bow! 

11. "Well, it's time Ursula took matters into her own tentacles" — The Little Mermaid

I know Ursula's supposed to be a terrifying sea witch, but so much cuteness!! 

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