Monday, October 23, 2017

12 Effortlessly Chic Hairstyles

There are certain people I know who just always happen to look totally effortless. Part of this vibe can be attributed to the easy way they dress, but a lot of it definitely comes from their hairstyle. I've always wanted to master the effortless hair look, and now, I feel fully equipped to take on this task. This list has tons of cute, easy, and unique hairstyles for even the most uncreative, uncoordinated and untalented of souls (like myself!). So if you're feeling the easy, breezy hair look this fall, keep reading for a list of 12 completely beautiful, effortlessly chic hairstyles. 

1. Boho Bun & Braids 

I am absolutely obsessed with this messy top bun and these subtle boho braids. Definitely trying out this look tomorrow. 

2. Tousled & Textured 

This is such a cute look and so easy to achieve! Simply throw a styling product onto wet hair and let it air-dry for a tousled, textured vibe. 

3. Wrapped

This is such a cute, fun take on a normal, low ponytail. Click here for the full instructions! 

4. Double Bun 

Half-up hair secured with a bun has been all the rage for the last little while. Why not double the cute factor and add in a second bun? 

5. Low Doughnut 

A low, doughnut bun is the perfect way to look chic and effortless. Unfamiliar with the style? Click here for the doughnut how-to!

6. Dutch Braid 

Dutch braids are way too stunning. And are a favorite hairstyle of the Kardashians! Click here to discover how to get the look. 

7. Top Knot 

A top knot is such an easy, effortless hairstyle (and a perfect one for unwashed hair!). Click here for a one-minute top knot tutorial. 

8. French Braid 

The first braid I ever learned was a French braid. This is such a chic, effortless style, especially if you pull the individual pieces a little loose. Never mastered the art of the French braid? Click here for a step-by-step. 

9. Fishtail 

Fishtail braids are my go-to. And they just look so amazing with loose, wavy hair. If you've never tried one out yourself, click here for the tutorial! 

10. Voluminous Pony

Add some volume to your ponytail with a little hairspray, and by teasing the base of the pony with a comb. I also love how her hair has been wrapped around the elastic here. 

11. Fishtail Pony 

Why not mix together two of the greatest, most effortless hairstyles ever, a ponytail and a fishtail? Refer to #9 if you're looking for a fishtail braid tutorial.

12. Modern Cornrows 

Cornrows are no longer best-suited for rappers and vacations. These "cornrows" are actually just three Dutch braids, ending just past the crown of her head. Such a cute, sporty look! 


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