Sunday, October 15, 2017

12 Facts About 'I Love You, Man'

When it comes to movies, I pretty much only watch comedies. Sure, the dramas are the ones that always end up winning big at the Oscars, but who wants to spend two hours of actors playing characters who cry all the time? I want characters in silly and outrageous scenarios! I want hijinks! That's probably why I've seen I Love You, Man so many times. It's all about that moment when you find your soulmate aka your best friend. The movie shows Peter and Sydney solidifying their bromance through really awesome "man-dates" that I wish I could go on! If you love this movie as much as I do, you'll love learning about these facts about the movie!

1. Paul Rudd couldn't stop laughing during the scene in the "man cave" so he ended up wasting an entire mag of film. That costs about $5,000! 

2. Typical Canadians! After Rush filmed their cameo in the movie, they decided to stick around to play a full concert for the cast and crew! 

Not only that, Rush let die-hard fans know about the free show online so they could come and watch the hour-long set. 

3. After the concert, Jason Segel and Paul got to meet the band backstage. Rush decided it would be hilarious if Jason and Paul acted like their characters in the movie for a video that would be shown on Rush's Time Machine tour. 

What?! That's awesome!

4. During filming, Jason was slapped really hard across the face by a professional wrestler. He was hired to teach Lou Ferrigno how to put Jason in a sleeper hold for the movie. Without even telling Jason, he walked up to Jason and said to him, "You gotta be tough today" and then slapped him!

Ooh. That must've hurt! You definitely don't want to invite that guy over for Slapsgiving. Shout out to the How I Met Your Motherfans who get the reference! 

5. Paul is such a huge fan of Lost that he tries to work it into different movies he's part of. And it worked for I Love You, Man! In the movie, Peter asks for all his Lost DVDs back. 

There's another Lost reference in Paul's movie This Is 40!

6. The billboard that shows Peter in bed was taken from a photo shoot that Paul did back in 2006 for Rolling Stone magazine!

I'm not going to lie, Paul is one good looking guy!

7. Jason had to get custom Ugg boots made for him because they didn't make men's size 13.

8. During Peter's second "man-date," they get to talking about their favorite old Saturday Night Live sketches. Jane Curtin was one of the original cast members of SNL and she played Peter's mom in the movie!

9. The day after they shot the "slap the bass" scene, a prop guy came to set and wore a t-shirt that said "I slap the bass" with a picture of Paul doing air bass.


Best. Scene. Ever.

10. In the scene where Sydney is on his vespa, Jason put both his feet down on the ground and a car hit him from behind. The vespa just instantly shot out from underneath him. People on set said Jason stood there just looking like Wile E. Coyote!

11. Paul learned how to fence 15 years before he shot the movie so he was a complete pro on set.

12. Most of the main cast members showed off their comedic skills on Parks and Recreation! Paul, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll, Rob Huebel, JK Simmons and Andy Samberg have all either starred or made a cameo on the show. 

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