Sunday, October 29, 2017

12 Massive Temper Tantrums Thrown By Nature

As a rule, we tend to look at nature fondly. The image of a serene and protective Mother Nature endures in our minds to the point that many of us delight in leaving our urban lifestyles behind to immerse ourselves in the outdoors. Even if that's not the expressed goal of these camping trips, it's hard not to feel the majesty of nature rub off on you.

Of course, it's also possible for a camping trip to be more frightening than peaceful and it's through that same lens that we can look at all the wonders of nature.

As friendly as Mother Nature can be, she can also have a legendary bad temper, and when she's mad, she has a way of taking it out on all of us.

Whether it's massive storms or just bizarre creations, there's no shortage of examples of the world's unstoppable fury. Today, we're going to look through 12 of these outbursts and hope we don't have to face them anytime soon.

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1. Nothing inspires more confidence in a frozen lake than this.

Sometimes, they come with their own warning signs.

2. If you're seeing rain clouds like this, you have a real problem on your hands.

These angry-looking clouds brought down enough rain to cause a serious mudslide in Wisconsin.

3. Sometimes, nothing needs to be wrong for everything to seem wrong.

I don't know about you, but this is a walk in the woods I would probably skip.

4. Is there such a thing as a boring picture of lightning?

If such a picture exists, this certainly isn't it. This would definitely make me nervous about any nearby trees.

It's a bad idea to go out in the water when there's lightning about, which means we shouldn't bother going anywhere near this next place.

5. Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is home to the "everlasting storm."

The name isn't exaggerating by much since around August, it's not unusual to see 28 lightning strikes per minute. This can leave the night sky brightly lit for nine hours straight.

In other words, good luck getting a full night's sleep anywhere near this lake.

6. This crumbling house was damaged by a fearsome sinkhole.

Depending on how they're formed, these things can form in as little as a day and have sometimes been known to swallow houses whole.

7. Okay, nature had a little help with this one.

British artist Andy Goldsworthy somehow made this twisting icicle by freezing pieces of ice together. Since the ice tends to melt as the day goes on, he often has to race against time to make these.

8. This massive plume is known as a waterspout.

If you've ever wondered how frogs, fish, and even golf balls can suddenly rain from the sky, the answer is usually that a waterspout threw them up there.

9. This is what happens after about a week of solid rain.

The area was already pretty marsh-like, so it's hard to keep anything standing strong when it gets even wetter.

10. Here we have more spiders than most of us could ever want.

It's a little hard to tell, but this is a mama wolf spider with a bunch of babies riding on her back. It may not seem like much of nature's fury, but just wait until this little convoy ends up in your basement. 

11. This charming little flower trap is known as Hydnora africana.

Just in case looking at it wasn't enough of a turn-off, it's known to smell just like poop in order to attract dung beetles.

12. This is about as unfriendly as a tree can get.

It looks like it would figure out how to fall on you out of pure spite.

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