Wednesday, October 11, 2017

12 Reasons To Probably Just Stop Wearing Makeup

Makeup. The word alone is enough to fire some people up into an unholy rage. Men don't understand it. Modern feminists shame us away from wearing it. And animals try to lick it off our faces. We have all heard countless questions about why we wear makeup. And we've tried hard to answer, but it gets so exhausting. So, what do we do? Show them countless tutorials in hopes that they finally understand? Maybe. Or, we hold our heads high, put on our mascara, and continue our way.

1. "Makeup Is So Expensive"

"Makeup can be so expensive!" I mean, that sports jersey or new gaming keyboard you bought was twice as much and hardly anyone is going to see those. But the eyeliner that I wear every day? Yeah, way too expensive.

2. "You Look The Same Every Day"

Oh really? Do I? If you actually paid attention to me, you'd know that I have tried five different eyeliner looks, matched my eye shadow to my outfit every day, and redid my eyebrows. But actually looking at me would be difficult, wouldn't it?

3. "Makeup Covers Up Your Natural Beauty!"

On the contrary! Makeup enhances the beauty we already have. It makes our eyes shine brighter and our skin even more touchable. Trust me, makeup hasn't advanced so much that we can alter our facial structure. Get real...

4. "It Takes You Forever To Put On Makeup!"

And yet, if we wear none, you're going to ask us if we are feeling okay. Make up your mind. Plus, if you didn't tell us at the last minute that your mother was going to be at this dinner party, maybe we wouldn't worry so much. So sit down, get the TV remote, and let us get ready. We will take however long we dang well please!

5. "Makeup Is So Generic And It Doesn't Express Who You Are"

Excuse me while I wipe up my tears from laughing so hard. Generic? Do you even look at people? Take a look around you and you'll see everything from gold shimmer to subtle gray shadow to superhero-inspired makeup looks. Spider-Man eye shadow, anyone?

6. "All Your Lipsticks Are The Same Color"

If you think that, then you need to get your eyes checked. The differences may be subtle, but one color can bring out our rosy cheeks and the other can make us look like a Walker from The Walking Dead. You want to hang out with a Walker? Because we are talented enough to make ourselves look like a Walker. 

7. "Makeup Is Obviously Used To Attract Boys"

Obviously. And yet, with almost every other animal on planet earth, it's the males who are brightly colored. Maybe we wear makeup because we are attracted to ourselves? We love ourselves so much, we want to flaunt it! If you want to have a discussion about attracting the opposite gender by using bright colors, maybe you boys should try wearing makeup.

8. "Makeup Is So Girly"

Actually, not quite. It's marketed toward us females, yes. But, have you seen a guy with eyeliner? Yum. Also, with the world the way it is now, if a guy wants to wear makeup, then he should go for it. It'd be fun to exchange makeup tips with him while staring into his perfectly lined eyes.

9. "Wearing Makeup Is Lying to Everyone"

It is? Did you actually think our eyes were naturally covered with a blue gradient? If so, then you need to go back to grade school or your mother's womb. And maybe stay there...
No, we don't naturally have wine-colored lips or black wings on our eyelids, but that's what makeup is for. If we want sparkles on our eyes, we don't use the Force and suddenly: sparkles! We put them there. On purpose.

10. "Makeup Is Not Art"

You get a canvas, a palette of paint, and a brush, and after some time, you have art! You get praise, maybe someone buys it from you! We do the same on our eyes and we get reprimanded for taking too long or wearing too much. Yeah, that whole double standard thing? Not gonna happen. Most of us are artists using makeup to show off our skills. But, unlike you, we get to parade around and show off our work. If you dragged out your giant canvas of mediocre art, I guarantee that you wouldn't get the same attention.

11. "You Should Cover Your Zit!"

Make up your mind! If I don't wear makeup, people make fun of my zit. If I do wear makeup, then I'm wearing too much and not letting my natural beauty shine through. Which one is it? You can't have it both ways. Either look at me with makeup and don't comment on it or stare at my zit.

12. "But Why Do You Wear Makeup?"

Because we want to. Simple as that. I want to put blue on my eyes, then I am putting blue on my eyes. If I want fake eyelashes, then I will spend all the time I want putting them on my face. I feel pretty when I wear makeup and I feel pretty when I don't wear makeup. If you have an issue with that, then I don't need you around. Now, excuse me — there is a sale at Sephora.

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