Tuesday, October 24, 2017

12 Vandals Who Went Above And Beyond For A LOL

One of the most enduring aspects of urban life is the familiar sight of graffiti. Whether it's on the wall of a building or the side of a train, it's not hard to see some mysterious painter's handiwork if you go looking for it.

It's no secret that city officials often see this stuff as a nuisance. Some planners even design certain benches and other features to be "graffiti-proof" and on one hand, I can understand why. After all, a nice clean park would look a junkier if someone scribbled something offensive all over it.

That said, some of the murals I've seen grace my city's walls and trains would be right at home in an art gallery. And if these dedicated folks are giving some drab trains and blank walls a little more color and character, where's the harm in that?

But sometimes, a bit of graffiti doesn't have to make a grand artistic statement to be worthwhile. Sometimes, a vandal just needs to tickle our funny bones and give us something to smile at whenever we walk by.

And so let's have a chuckle at these rascally vandals who used cleverness as their guiding star.

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1. I'll never look at these trash cans the same way again.

If there was ever a reason to sacrifice a good cookie, this was it.

2. This is pretty awesome when you get them together like this.

Unfortunately, when the train's away you'll just have a bunch of people standing around thinking, "Support my what?" 

3. When the zombies come, there won't be any need for stop signs.

Also, bonus points for having the zombie do the dance from the "Thriller" video.

4. And just like that, we have a new headquarters for the Ghostbusters.

I wonder how many calls this place got once this went up.

As pop culture references go, one Russian vandal was a lot more ambitious.

5. This Soviet star just got an impressive SpongeBob makeover.

Whoever put Patrick up there better watch out, though. Their stunt could land them 15 days in jail if they're ever caught.

6. There are probably a lot of passersby wondering the same thing.

Although, to be honest, I haven't even got around to asking why because I'm still working on the what.

7. Sometimes the sign doesn't tell you the most important part.

We might remember to look both ways, but this vandal helpfully reminds us to look up. Otherwise, we'll have to start learning Klingon really fast.

8. Yes, somebody seriously bricked up this German train door.

However you feel about the act itself, you have to admit it takes some major skills to do this without anyone noticing.

If this next one is any indication, German vandals are basically ninjas anyway. 

9. Some daring prankster was able to outfox both of these security cameras.

Sure, they probably just did it from the roof, but the results are definitely worth a chuckle.

10. Yeah, your guess is as good as mine.

Apparently, vandals in Vancouver, Canada have been spraying John Cusack's name everywhere lately, so someone switched it up and used his sister's name instead. As for why people are doing this, I'm not sure we'll ever know.

11. If you're going to post a Bill, I'd say that's the one to go with. 

We kind of have a thing for him around here.

12. Aww, don't feel too bad. We all have off days.

I wonder if we can expect the next one to say, "OK, I got it this time." 

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