Tuesday, October 31, 2017

12 Ways To Use WD-40 Around The Home

My dad was a mechanic, so the one thing he always had in his garage was WD-40. We also had recreational vehicles — my dad loved his ATVs and snowmobiles. He would spray all the gizmos and gadgets on them with WD-40. I was thinking about this the other day and also about how I never buy WD-40, but I remember my dad constantly using it. I did a little research, and it turns out you can use this stuff in the home, not just the garage. Take a look at this list and then shareit with your friends! They might like to know this stuff, too! 

1. The most common use for WD-40 is to use it to stop hinges from being squeaky. 

Just put a little bit on the hinges until the door is silent! No need to replace the hinges or the entire door, but let's talk about the unknown stuff. The stuff that you didn't know you could do with WD-40! 

2. Remove crayon from the walls.

When your little one has gone all Picasso on your walls, use WD-40 to clean it off. Put a bit of WD-40 on a rag and, with a little bit of elbow grease, the crayon will come right off. 

3. Sticker residue is the worst. 

The absolute worst! Rub the WD-40 onto the spot until the stickiness fades away.

4. If you have glass shower doors, you must know the struggle of keeping them free of water spots. 

An easy solution for this is WD-40. Spray your glass doors with WD-40 and then wipe clean. This will create a barrier so that residues won't build up. 

5. Remove stuck rings. 

Spray WD-40 around the stuck ring and it should easily slide off.

6. Remove stubborn coffee and tea stains from your countertops

Spray a little WD-40 on a sponge or damp cloth and wipe the stain away.

7. A pair of scissors that jam or are hard to operate can totally ruin your projects or crafts.

Keep scissors working smoothly by greasing the hinges with WD-40

8. Prevent snow buildup on windows.

Spray WD-40 on your car windows before the winter hits. The snow won’t stick, which means less scraping for you! 

9. Easily clean off chewing gum from your shoes. 

Spray WD-40 directly on the gum, allow it to set for a few minutes, then pull it right off. 

10. Waterproof your shoes

Not only does WD-40 create a waterproof barrier on shoes, it will also help remove any salt stains on boots during the winter months. Just spray onto the stains and wipe with a clean rag.

11. Clean your toilet 

Spray your toilet bowl for a couple of seconds with WD-40, the solvents in this stuff will help dissolve any gunk or grime in your toilet. Use a toilet brush to help scrub away the grime.

12. Remove scuff marks

Get rid of scuff marks by using a few drops of WD-40 on a rag. Just rub the scuff marks with the cloth until they’re gone. It is that easy! 


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