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14 Points About 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' That Aren't Made Up


We all remember the game show where everything was made up and the points didn't matter.

I would spend hours watching this improv show that made EVERYONE feel like they too could be an improvisational wizard. But the truth is that Colin, Wayne, and Ryan were national treasures because they were masters of their domain.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? was one the best examples of re-runs that weren't painful to watch. 

So many amazing bits have millions of views on YouTube as the universal love of the show has even sparked a reboot — with Aisha Tyler, the voice of Lana from Archer, taking over hosting duties.

If you look past moments like this, you'll come to realize that there was a lot of stuff that happened behind the scenes.

1. If you count up all the functional points that they earned, Wayne clearly won over the course of the show's run from 1998 to 2006.

He had over 50 billion points (50,072,587,425)!

Ryan Stiles had 11,113,372,791.5 and Colin Mochrie had 3,012,399,040.5

2. While they were on the show together, Drew Carey and Ryan Stiles were also cast members of The Drew Carey Show.

3. The host was supposed to be show's British host, Clive Anderson, but he didn't want to drive in L.A. traffic.

He didn't want to move there, but it's ironic because the last season of the British show was filmed on the American set.

4. All the cast members HATED the hoe-down game so when Ryan would play he'd spend many of his lyrics taking shots at Drew Carey.

Drew would often jokingly introduce the game as, "Our favorite game in the whole wide world..."

5. Most of the actors (except Drew Carey) first showed up in the British version of the show.

6. Wayne Brady only missed three episodes in the entire five-year run of the series.

7. When Robin Williams guest-starred in 2002, he was shooting the thriller One Hour Photo — that's why he had dyed blonde hair.

8. Whose Line actually has a bit of a Russian doll-type history.

The American version was based on a British TV show that was based on a BBC Radio 4 radio show.

9. Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie are the only two performers who appear in every episode.

10. They presumably had to remove a recording made on September 9, 2001, which featured legend Sid Caesar, because the game Foreign Film Dub featured Arabic.

They must have thought it was insensitive given what happened two days later.

11. There was an episode where the game Party Quirks had to be heavily censored because it involved touching of the genitals.

In the game, Colin Mochrie touched Wayne, Ryan, and Cathy Greenwood while he played a character trying to determine their genders. The scene was uncensored on DVD.

12. Two performers on the show went on to host their own game shows.

Drew Carey went on to host The Price Is Right, replacing Bob Barker, and Wayne would go on to host Don't Forget The LyricsAND Let's Make A Deal.

13. Frequent guest Greg Proops had a role as a pod race announcer in Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace.

14. Drew Carey said he wanted to do the show for the rest of his life.

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