Monday, October 2, 2017

15 Truths About '2 Broke Girls' Star Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings is wonderful. She is outspoken, unapologetic, and is confident enough to do her own thing in Hollywood. Oh, and she's a great actress too. But, how well do you really know Kat Dennings? Well, I've put together a nice little list for you of little known facts about everyone's favorite sarcastic rebel.

1. Her real name is actually Katherine V. Litwack.

Hmmm. Dennings definitely sounds better!

2. She doesn't drink or smoke. And she doesn't involve herself with people that do.

That's a hard achieved goal in Hollywood!

3. She actually wears glasses because she is near-sighted.

It's a good thing she looks good in glasses!

4. Her first major role was on Sex and the City, playing a spoiled princess.

5. She was home-schooled and did so well that she graduated at the age of 14.

What a smarty-pants!

6. She once wrote a script that ended up on the 2008 Black List of Best Unproduced Screenplays.

Way to go, Kat!

7. At one point, she tried dying her hair with coffee.

Needless to say, it didn't work...

8. She collects old books and absolutely loves to read.

I wonder what her fav book is?

9. She absolutely loves Christopher Walken, and credits him for inspiring her to get into acting.

10. Topless pictures of her were leaked when her phone was hacked, but she completely avoided really talking about it so they've managed to kind of go away.

11. Kat and singer Josh Groben have been dating since October of 2014.

So cute and both so funny! #relationshipgoals

12. Even though her parents supported her, they thought acting was the worst idea ever for her.

I bet they don't think that anymore!

13. She practices Transcendental Meditation, which is basically separating anxiety and stress from your body.

Maybe I should try that...

14. She doesn't like living in L.A., saying "I was too different. I didn'€™t dye my hair, I didn'€™t have perfect teeth, and I was too pale. I€™'ve learned to live here all the same."

15. She's the youngest of five siblings!

Whoa, I could never imagine having that many older brothers or sisters.

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