Monday, October 30, 2017

16 Dad Jokes That Could Beat Up Your Dad Jokes

My dad has always been a classic jokester his whole life. Of course, growing up, he always had me groaning at his terrible puns and wordplay. As I got older, however, I learned to appreciate them more and more — heck, I even find myself throwing out the occasional pun from time to time.

I told him that as far as comedy goes, he's my fodder.

Of course, he replied, "I'll always be your fodder and she'll always be your mudder." *sigh*

1. A historic moment, I'm sure

2. Literally...

3. ♪ Well this is a story all about how...

4. These jokes are very deer to him...

5. This one stinks

6. It's a sign!

7. Far out, man

8. Plumber bummers

9. Et tu, croutons?

10. He knew exactly what he was doing...

11. Cheese jokes are always Gouda 

12. This classic conundrum...

13. We're best spuds!

14. Can never be too sure

15. Now he's subjecting the world wide web to this...

16. At least they got some cash out of this one...


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