Tuesday, October 24, 2017

16 Times Photoshop Trolls Nailed It

It's time for another good idea bad idea — Good idea: asking the internet for help with cooking. Bad idea: asking the internet for help with Photoshop...

Sure, this handy computer tool is used all over mass media in order to touch up, redo, or sexify any old photograph, but in the hands of the internet, it is a weapon of mass disruption! The benefit, however, is that it makes us laugh like mad. The ingenuity of some people's trolling is astonishing at times, and we'd like to celebrate them for all the hard, funny, and fairly pointless work they do. So hats off to the PS trolls and enthusiasts out there, you are braver than most.   

1. That's acute idea!

This 'shopped tattoo looks more painful than a real one... 

2. Mom would be proud

Yeah, the internet is going to go there every time...

3. Mooooove!

Good thing there's lots of water... you'll need it to cool off that BURN!

4.  Yep! That's much better :)

This guy's a genius...

5. Photoshop clean-up

This classic is brought to you by the good people at photoshoptroll.com — you're doing the Lord's work...

6. Sweet tan, bro

Wow. I mean, just, wow. There's bad Photoshop and then there's thiswhole new level of cringe-worthy crap.

7. Smoking kills, just not that quickly 

Always finish with a bang

8. Legs that go on for days

James Fridman is a Photoshop master — request at your own risk!

9. Modesty...

Is it surprising at all that this was the solution? 

10. Consider yourself in!

Seems like a simple request, aaaaand you're everywhere...

11. New take on an old idea

The request was for that classic image of holding up the leaning tower. I believe his exact words were "please Photoshop my hand touching the tower."

12. Long 'shops on the beach...

13. Every guy looks better in a suit

Oh 4Chan, when will the trolling end? We hope never. 

14. There goes my hero...

It definitely takes a lot of courage to ask the internet for Photoshop help!

15. Then the lady was Kung-Fu-fightiiiing! 

16. Request: Put my cat in a better place...

The internet's reply: soon it will be.

Main image via Facebook / UNILAD

Collage image via reddit / -Dolomite-


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