Sunday, October 29, 2017

16 Ways A Dip In Paint Can Make Simple Housewares Beautiful

Color blocking is super trendy right now, and the "dipped" look is even more popular. Best part of this trend? It's both easy and cheap to do at home. All you need is paint and tape! 

So don't go out and spend a bunch of money on that designer vase in the green that doesn't quite match your decor. Instead, put on your crafting hat and create the effect yourself, in exactly the colors you want. Once you've tried it, you'll discover that there really is an endless variety of things you can do with the technique. Below, you'll find just a taste of the options, including a few using supplies you may never have considered. 

1. Dip your flower pots in gold. 

Terracotta pots are classic, but don't always go with your style. Add some whimsy with a coat of paint to coordinate with your space, and then give them a bit of bling with gold spray paint. Change up the colors for a completely different look, add extra stripes, or even expand to three or more colors. The options are endless. 

2. Make plain wicker baskets pop.

Give your old wicker baskets a facelift with some tape and paint. While the look is described as "dipped," you can control the result a bit more by faking it with a paint brush. 

3. Turn Ikea basics upscale with the dipped look.

Love the Ikea minimalism, but want to add a bit more personality? Add blocks of color, like with these simple stools. Paint the legs, paint the tops, or be a rebel and paint just one leg. 

4. Change things up with scalloped edges. 

You don't need to limit yourself to harsh, straight lines. Use a stencil, or make your own with paper and tape, to create a scalloped edge on the color block. 

5. Dip and drip to make paint can planters.

Embrace that life is always a work in progress and make yourself some quick planters with empty paint cans and dripping paint. You can use cans purchased specifically for the project or scrub clean some of those old ones hiding in your basement. Keep them shiny or spray paint the cans a matte color before dipping for a more subtle look. 

6. Make a practically free wooden lampshade.

Wood-slat lampshades are a nice way to bring more natural textures into your home, but they can be expensive. Want to know a secret? Paint stores give away wooden stir sticks for free. Collect enough for your planned project, dip them in the color of your choice, and hot glue them to the lampshade frame. 

7. Dip-dye cloth napkins for an ombré effect.

While you're playing with paint, don't forget good ol' fashioned fabric dyes. In no time at all, you can add a lovely ombré effect to your cloth napkins as pictured, or mimic the steps on any other fabric decor in your house. Curtains, towels, pillowcases, tablecloths: only your imagination can limit you. 

8. Once you've mastered dip-dying, add some typography.

Typography can add a personal touch to your dyed fabrics. Use a printer specifically made for the job, cut-out monographs from iron-on patches, or hand stitch them. There are tons of options for different price ranges and skill sets.  

9. Make colorful, frosted glassware.

With a mix of clear gloss and craft paint, you can create a frosted look for your drinking glasses, vases, or another glassware in your home. 

10. Match your cooking utensils to your kitchen.

Changing up your kitchen paint color? Dip the ends of your wooden utensils in matching or coordinating colors to make them look like they were meant for the space all along. 

11. Use metallic paints to give candles sparkle.

A bit of paint can even make tapered candles fancy. You can dip them in metallic paints as pictured, or I could see varying the colors based on seasonal themes. Silver and blue for Christmas would be really pretty!

12. Glitter-dipped mason jars

If you're a braver person than I am, risk a glitter explosion by making yourself some of these glamorous mason jars. 

13. Marble some mugs using nail polish.

Who says you need to limit yourself to paint and normal dyes? Using nail polish, you can create a gorgeous marbled effect on plain mugs and saucers. 

14. Use Kool-Aid to customize your stationery.

Sure, you may not write as many letters as you used to (or as I still do), but that's all the more reason for your stationery to be personalized. A careful dip in the Kool-Aid flavor of your choice can add a playful border to your plain white letter pad. 

15. Color block boring drawer pulls.

You can mix and match colors on plain cabinet and drawer pulls with a little paint and tape. Really, I'm starting to think that paint and tape are the #1 and #2 best things to keep around your house. So useful!

16. Or, you know, just color block the whole darned room!

While you've got that painters' tape out, why not just add blocks of color on your walls? It's cheaper than wallpaper, and certainly easier to change if you grow tired of it. 


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