Thursday, October 19, 2017

16 Ways To Use Eating Utensils For Your Beauty Routine

Makeup is really hard to do. I still mess up all the time. Just the other day, I got mascara all over my eyelid. Very annoying! Thankfully, I'm not the only one who struggles with putting on makeup. That's why makeup hacks exist. Yay! There are so many makeup hacks online, and a lot of them have a similar theme. Beauty bloggers are incorporating eating utensils into their beauty routine. It is so weird, but these eating utensil hacks work! Check out 14 of them. I'm sure you will definitely be doing a few!

You're going to want to put a fork and spoon in your makeup bag after reading this article. 

1. Contouring is not easy. 

But if you use the end of a spoon or fork it can make it so much easier. 

2. Yes, girl! 

Create those fake cheekbones.

3. Drawing those straight contour lines are tough. Trust me, I definitely know. 

I can't wait to try this technique out. 

Check out the next page to see another way to contour your nose with a fork! 

4. This is crazy cool! 

That nose contour, though. Look so tiny! 

5. I'm so glad this exists! 

I can't wing out my eyeliner for the life of me. Like I'm 23 years old, and I still need help. 

6. As gorgeous as cut crease eyeshadow looks are, they are super hard to recreate. 

Thankfully, spoons can assist us. 

The results are stunning! 

Obsessed with this look. 

7. This is such a great idea! 

 Using a spoon to contour your cheekbones is so smart. The spoon gives you the perfect curve. Love it! 

8. Don't spend another dime on an eyelash curler. 

That's right, you can use a spoon to curl your lashes. Seems like this magical eating utensil can do anything. 

Look how well the spoon works for curling your lashes. 

I think it works even better than an eyelash curler. The comparison is crazy! 

9. What an awesome heatless way to curl you hair. 

10. Every time I apply my mascara, I get it all over the place. 

I guess I'm going to be using a spoon in my everyday makeup routine now. 

11. Marble nails designs just got so easy. 

Nails on fleek!

12. This girl legit did her eyebrows with a fork. 

I literally can't! 

13. Cheekbones that are sharper than a knife. 

This is such a funny way to contour your face. 

14. Start your day off with two cold spoons! 

Place the spoon onto your under eyes for a couple of minutes, and then say goodbye to your dark under eyes. This actually works, and I definitely recommend giving it a try.  

15. You can even use both ends of the spoon to wing out your eyeliner. 

I was struggling with my eyeliner this morning, so I definitely want to try this hack out! 

16. I didn't even know that this was a thing! 

Perfect for a person who is a messy nail painter like me! 

These are tools of magic! 

Do you use spoons, forks, or knives in your beauty routine? Comment to let us know! 


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