Monday, October 16, 2017

17 Bad Tattoos Brilliantly Covered Up

Remember when tribal tattoos were a thing? Or remember when zodiac tattoos were all the rage? Well, you definitely remember when countless people thought getting a tattoo of their boyfriend or girlfriend's name was a thing (because sadly, it's still a thing today). Like it or not, we're stuck with those bad tattoo decisions for life...unless you get it covered up.

So if you want to escape the bad decisions of your 18-year-old self or just want to erase the person who broke your heart, check out these 17 brilliantly covered-up tattoos:

1. Plain and simple - void

2. Party dog got an upgrade

3. Who doesn't love Animal?!?!

4. The tattoo "fail" we've seen all over the internet finally gets its makeover

5. Now this is just amazing

6. It's like she never existed

7. This is phenomenal

8. 'Murica yeah!

9. Forget Isaac, this bling got a serious upgrade

10. From buffet-proof (bullet-proof) to gorgeous flowers

11. This is not a spider I'd like to mess with

12. Stunning outer space

13. The Dark Lord takes over

14. Dapper dinosaur makes his appearance

15. You can't even tell what it used to be!

16. Spider-Man upgraded to the Dark Knight

17. Last but not least, this is just amazing

Collage source: deviantART / Remistattoo


Author: verified_user