Wednesday, October 4, 2017

17 Memorial Day Drinks That Bring On The Patriotism

Memorial Day is all about barbecues, and no barbecue is complete without delicious beverages. After swimming in the pool all day, eating 100 pounds of corn on the cob, and dealing with screaming kids and bee stings and sunburns (not speaking from experience or anything), you're going to need a beverage, alcoholic or otherwise. Get patriotic with these refreshing beverages — a perfect way to cool down after a long Memorial Day! 

1. Star-Spangled Sangria

Sangria is just grownup juice, right? 

2. "Layered Patriotic Drink" 

The name is less than creative, but the drink looks good! 

3. Red, White, and Blue Shot

I love layered shots like this — so pretty!

4. Patriotic Punch

5. Red, White, and Blue(berry) Margaritas

'Cause who doesn't love margaritas?

6. Red, White, and Boom

If you like mixed vodka drinks, this is for you. 

7. Star-Spangled Smoothie

Layered libations

A pretty, kid-friendly beverage.

8. Captain America Drink

This reminds me of fireworks!

9. Cheesecake Shots

Not like an actual *beverage*, but a shot is a shot even if it's cheesecake, right? 

10. Frozen Boozy Bomb Pop Drink

Let's be honest — it's a grownup slushie. 

11. Patriotic Punch

I love the star-shaped ice cubes!! 

12. Pop Rocks Shooters

Um, this is SO PRETTY. 

13. Blackberry Limeade

This can definitely be made sans alcohol. 

14. Patriotic Ice Cream Soda

Hello yummy, get in my tummy! 

15. Blue Arrow Cocktail

I love the cherry in the bottom of the glass! 

16. Panna Cotta Shooters

Panna Cotta is the best thing in the world, and this "drink" is so beautiful! 

17. Sparkling Watermelon Chiller

This sounds so refreshing!! 


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