Saturday, October 14, 2017

17 Ways To Experience A Nerdy Summer

What an education!

As a man who doesn't play video games, read comics or dress up as fictional characters from games or movies (outside the bedroom), this was truly a terrific learning experience for me. I got to learn about a culture I know nothing about. It was like that time I unexpectedly ended up in a gay nightclub in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (I'm also not gay, despite being Canadian). I just learned so much about things that aren't me and I'm eager to share my findings with you all.

So let's get at it...

1. Nerds love the beach under the right conditions.

Preferably overcast with a WiFi connection.

2. They'll go on road trips. Maybe.

Or they'll just drive from one end of a Grand Theft Auto map to the other while following the rules of the road.

3. Cuddle with their waifu on a hot summer's day.

4. They'll go to the beach and read nerd things like George R. R. Martin.

5. They'll make things like this with the caption "Summer is coming."

6. They'll sleep in. A lot. And their sleep apnea will flare up.

7. They'll feel like they don't belong at summer camp.

8. He has a freckle for every time he's been in the sun this year.

9. When they DO go outside...for Mountain Dew and stuff...they'll do their best to avoid all social interaction.

10. They'll look with amazement at people who have skin that can withstand the yellow object in the sky.

11. They'll know how to keep their PCs cool and their bodies cooler.

12. They'll go shopping.

13. They'll go to conventions...but dress summery and whatnot. 

14. They'll reluctantly unclothe their sun-starved, unathletic bodies.

15. They'll definitely stand out in a crowd.

16. They'll do non-nerd stuff...but in their own style.

17. Tanline drawings. They'll definitely do nerdy tan line drawings.


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