Monday, October 2, 2017

19 People Who Are The Biggest Jerks Alive

An ass is an ass is an ass is an ass is an ass, no matter what shape or size. And I know that people want to spread love for all of humanity and to stop hating other people but you know what? I say no. I refuse to not dislike those who deserve to be disliked. If you do jerky things, that means you're a jerk. And if you're a jerk, you deserve to have no friends and live a miserable life alone with the rest of the world hating on you while you continue to do jerky things. However, I have quite the solution to this issue: QUIT BEING A JERK.

These people don't get it, at all. 

Here are 19 people you'll love to hate. 

1. Just resting her butt on the's not like it's going to hatch, lady.

2. The Carting Dead: it's pretty much the apocalypse for grocery stores.

3. No, my yoga can't wait.

4. I never knew you could be an ass while being environmentally friendly.

5. If they didn't know that they were a jerk before, now they sure as hell know. Jerks.

6. If you can't count up to ten, you shouldn't be doing your own groceries...or living alone for that matter.

7. Oh the human race is so kind sometimes.

8. The douchebaggiest thing to do.

9. Those people need to get their license revoked.


11. I think it's a bad idea to have your kid piss or poop in a public garbage but that's just me and I can't even keep a fake plant alive. 

12. This person parked close to the right place because they obviously doncare.

13. They probably couldn't walk like half a foot to the cigarette bin because their lungs are almost close to collapsing.

14. This is a lot better than that one tip before, though.

15. Harsh. 

16. There are bike lanes for the convenience of drivers and for the safety of bikers. USE THEM.

17. Ruining beautiful scenery with horrible graffiti. You suck, whoever you are.

18. This damn kid is such a jerk (okay, that one is kind of a joke).

19. "Oh, you do nice things for children who can't afford them? I'M GOING TO SMASH YOUR WINDOW IN."


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