Saturday, October 7, 2017

20 Thanksgiving Clapbacks To Shame Your Shady Relatives

Thanksgiving is a time for family, but we all know that sometimes, family gatherings can be a total pain. Mean aunts, rude cousins, and critical grandmas are just a few of the things you have to deal with during this turkey time. 

So to prepare you for this stressful event, we've gathered the best Thanksgiving clapbacks to use on your family members when they cross the line. So get ready for something to reallybe thankful for! 

1. For that smartass uncle

2. For that critical relative 

3. Someone always has to comment on your hair

4. There is no way you'll say this to your aunt! You won't! 

5. I hate when people ask this question

6. Don't body shame me, Grandma!

7.  For that married cousin who thinks they're better than you 

8. Don't ask about my love life, I won't ask about yours

9. Not even mom is safe

10. They'll never tell you to put that phone away again

11. I bet those were some expensive divorces 

12. You know someone's going to comment on your body art...

13. Come at me, bro!

14. Time to grow up, Cuz!

15. I'm sick of your shade, Grandma!

16. That uncle who always wants to start an argument

17. When you wanna get your sibling good

18. Two can play at this game

19. Savage 

20. Third degree burn right there

Happy Thanksgiving! 


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