Tuesday, October 17, 2017

21 of the Greatest Dad Jokes Ever

There's one thing all dads have in common and that's the ability to make the corniest jokes possible. They're so notorious, there's actually a name for them: dad jokes. Dad jokes are just so punny, just have to roll your eyes and pretend they never happened... or else you awaken the beast.

Since Father's Day is right around the corner, we've compiled 21 of the funniest dad jokes ever just for dad. Enjoy.

1. This trolly dad:

2. The dad who got his kid an E-book for their birthday:

3. This Facebook gem:

4. Classic dad:

5. All dads who know where to point this:

6. Two zingers in one:

7. Dad jokes aren't just for the kids:

8. This:

9. Clever, indeed

10. Dads on Facebook:

11. Dad meets dad

12. An office essential:

13. Ya'll got Beyonce'd

14. Get it?

15. LOL

16. Bahahaha

17. This dad knows value when he sees it:

18. This dad who saw an opportunity and took it:

19. Just call him Father Christmas

20. This dad who specifically brought his guests downstairs so he could yell DUCK!

21. This dad who bet his son five bucks:

Collage source: imgur


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