Saturday, October 14, 2017

23 Fails To Shake Your Head To

We're humans, and we all make mistakes, right? Sure... whatever makes you feel better. Anyways, as common as human error is, some mess-ups are a lot funnier than others, and we have 24 of them that will have you shaking your head in disappointment and amusement. So enjoy the failures of the next people who are living proof that the simple tasks are often the hardest! 

1. Oh no! Now you can't read that hilarious listicle while you poop! 

2. UStuck is more like it

3. Nope

Beauty tip 10: Sharpie is not an appropriate substitute for eyebrow pencils 

4. Except you do, though...

Even signs can get it wrong once in a while...

5. That's not quite accurate 

6. Well, that toilet's getting clogged soon 

7. So you think you're an expert parker?

Apparently, some people will call the police on anyone, even if they're completely innocent...

8. False alarm, guys...

9. Well, that's disappointing 

10. It ain't stupid if it works... unless it blows your house up...

The next pic will have you shaking your head at kids these days...

11. Gotta love gym class

12. You had one job, Microsoft Word! 

13. "Seriously, man?" 

The next one is so wrong, it might just be right...

14. Creative labeling 

15. You know there's a button for that, right?

16. You had one job...

The next one's a straight-up health hazard

17. In case of fire... burn?

18. What cruel joke is this?!

We all have enough trouble with those doors as it is! 

19. No one said numbers were easy 

Many people would argue that there's no such thing as bad bacon... based on the next pic, I'd have to disagree! 

20. We know the people stocking shelves are at least half-literate 

21. I think you've been misinformed 

22. So that's why I'm always late...

23. But... you posted this on... nevermind. 


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