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9 Incredibly Strange Things People Have Found In Their Parks

Have you ever found something weird in a park or a forest? Other than a few dirty needles or deserted campsites, I haven't really found much myself. You'd be surprised to hear, though, that some pretty unbelievable (and historically-significant) things have been discovered in parks around the world. 

The following list is devoted to 9 of the strangest things found while people were simply hiking through parks. These will make your latest hike seem pretty boring.

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1. 132-year-old rifle leaning against a tree.

A park ranger was strolling through Great Basin National Park in Nevada and happened upon a Winchester Model 1873 just leaning against a tree. The particular gun found was made in 1882 and archaeologists believe that it very well may have been sitting against the tree for more than a century.

2. In 2014, in Utah, a hiker happened to find a dinosaur footprint that was 125 million years old. 

When the area was further investigated, over 200 tracks were found! The area in near Moab, Utah is considered a dinosaur hot-spot.

3. 'Arlington Springs Man.'

In 1959,  Phil C. Orr found three human bones sticking out of a sidewall of Arlington Canyon on Santa Rosa Island near Los Angeles, California. A team of archaeologists dated the bones to be over 13,000-years-old. Phil happened to find, up until that point, the oldest human remains in North America. This discovery was about more than just finding old bones, it actually helped prove that early humans could build boats and travel down the coast of California from Alaska.

4. Oldest dinosaur ever.

In 1984, Bryan Small found the remains of the oldest dinosaur ever (216-million-years-old) recorded in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. The Chindesaurus fossils pushed back the known date of dinosaur existence more than 5 million years than originally thought. 

5. A couple walking through a London park (Epping Forest) found a secret marijuana garden.

The couple found the garden after wandering off trail to find edible mushrooms. Rigggggghttt.

Wow, they really did a full photo shoot.

6. Devil's Hole Pupfish.

This is perhaps the rarest fish in the world and was found in Death Valley National Park. Remarkably, this fish can only be found in one cavern in the entire world, at the park. 

You are looking at the entire habitat of the Devil's Hole Pupfish in Death Valley National Park. 

7. 16 kilometers of caves.

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is home to over 400 miles of surveyed cave passageways. In 2015, 16 additional kilometers of uncharted caves were found as well as a completely new entrance.

8. In 2005, a hiker found the missing headstone of a prostitute at a park in Santa Cruz, California.

The prostitute had been a 21-year-old woman from Britain who committed suicide after contracting tuberculosis in 1898.

9. In a Reddit forum devoted to weird stuff found in parks, a user, noonenone, claims to have found dozens of tongues nailed to trees.

When walking his dog in a 500-acre park in Brooklyn, a man made this discovery after his dog led him to a group of trees in the forest. Well, I'm never going hiking in Brooklyn, wow.

Well, after that, I'm definitely gonna strap on my boots and hit the trails.

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