Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Adorable Disney Crochet Outfits For Newborns

Crochet seems to have become immensely popular, leaving people to create new and exciting projects. Rebecca Groh is the creative mind behind Stitch&Click Photography and she has been crocheting beautiful newborn outfits for her clients and then photographing them. The results are simply stunning! Her Disney character collection is something that you just have to see!

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Rebecca creates all her designs from scratch; she never uses a pattern.

This cute Alice in Wonderland theme is so adorable!

When Rebecca is doing a shoot, she prefers that the babies be sleeping.

As she says on her Facebook page, "We want [the] baby to sleep peacefully throughout the session. Sleeping newborns are much easier to pose and the blissful sweetness of a sleeping baby is much of what makes newborn pictures so beautiful."

She is so right!

How adorable is this "little mermaid?"

A perfect photo of a little prince.

These pictures are just too much!

If you think Prince Charming is cute, wait until you see his Cinderella!

Who says that Aurora is the only sleeping beauty!?

Rebecca even takes care to make sure that her studio is a perfect environment for her clients — "My heat will be set extremely high when you arrive. A balmy 80 degrees, to be exact. (Dress light under those winter coats!) These little ones are coming from Mama's womb and they are used to warmth."

Tell me this outfit isn't going to be a popular one with the upcoming release of Beauty and the Beast!

This woman truly is a yarn artist.

Don't forget about Belle. 

What a beauty! 

Who else loves the movie Pinocchio?

This one might be my favorite!


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