Thursday, October 26, 2017

Applying 100 Layers Of Foundation Makes Your Face Look Nasty

There are so many crazy makeup challenges that circulate online. There's the full-face highlighter challenge, no-makeup challenge, and the most recent one that is creating a lot of buzz is the 100 layers of makeup challenge. Many videos have been posted online of beauty gurus applying 100 layers of blush, liquid lipstick, and mascara. Seriously, these videos are so gross, but it's pretty entertaining to watch. The liquid lipstick one was really nasty, and the 100 coats of mascara almost made me throw up. Just imagine spider legs on someone's eyelashes. That's literally how it looked. As weird as these videos sound, nothing beats this one. One brave beauty guru applied 100 layers of foundation onto her face. Yes, foundation! It took her 3 hours to do, and she doesn't even look human by the end of the video. Insane! 

The Start 

Are you sure you want to do this? 

First Layer

This is perfect, just stop right now. 

20 Layers 

If you think this looks awful, just wait. 

40 Layers 

Look at the difference between her neck and face. Crazy! 

Beauty Blender 

Her face sponge was pink. Look at it now. 

60 Layers

Where did her lips go? 

80 Layers

Only 20 more layers to go. 

I can't 

Taking full-coverage foundation to another level. 

100 Layers 

Done! It looks like she has a mask on her face. 

Makeup Removal  

Ouch, it looks like she got burned. At least her pores can finally breathe. 

Watch the full process in this video:

This challenge is crazy! What do you think about it? Comment to let us know! 


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