Thursday, October 12, 2017

Artist Crochets Larger-Than-Life Animals By Hand

Artist Shauna Richardson has found her niche in what she calls "Crochetdermy." These large-scale sculptures of wild animals are all hand-crocheted. 

Her biggest project was The Lionheart Project, which was commissioned for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Three 25-foot crochet lions were toured across the UK in a glass trailer. Shauna spent two years crocheting and building the lions.

Her animals aren't static in their poses.

She often poses them in action or with very expressive faces.

"Prince Harry"

Her commissions have even included a baboon version of Prince Harry. How crazy is that?

Mounted animal heads are also a common piece.

This panther looks terrified.

She's done many of the mounted busts.

I imagine that they allow her to practice facial details on a smaller canvas. Plus, they look awesome.

This brown bear is amazing.

Just imagine the work it took to balance it like that!

While she mostly focuses on larger animals, she sometimes does smaller projects, too.

Like this large rabbit family.

She has done some domestic animals, too.

I love the clean white of this cute doggy.

The artist and one of her lions.

And here's Shauna Richardson herself, along with one of the three lions she created for The Lionheart Project. The scale is incredible.

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