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Brides Face Some Pretty Strict Rules On 'Say Yes To The Dress'

Let's get one thing straight: TLC has the best shows ever. You can watch Sister Wives, Cake Boss, My Strange Addiction, reruns of What Not to Wear and of course, Say Yes to the Dress! There's something that's just so addicting about watching Say Yes even though you couldn't be further from getting married. The show makes everything seem like a fairy tale! They have strict rules for the brides to give YOU the best entertainment experience around. Here's what really happens when you go on the show and say yes to a dress. 

There's seriously nothing like watching Say Yes to the Dress with a glass of wine while you rate all the dresses the women try on. 

"10/10 would wear that one!"
"I like the bodice on that one but there's just too much lace going on for me." 

All the employees are great but really, the star of the show is obviously Randy! 

He just ALWAYS knows how to make the brides-to-be feel better! 

I'm pretty sure we've all thought about applying to be on the show at one point! 

Probably like two glasses of wine in, am I right? 

So before you fill out that application form, here's the truth about what really goes on when you say yes to going on the show! 

1. When you enter the salon, you have to give up your purse and cellphone. 

2. You and your guests are NOT allowed to wear pink because it will make you blend in with the background when you film the confessionals!

Yup! That's The Situation from Jersey Shore

You wouldn't want to end up like this.

3. Actually, before you even get on the show, you have to be willing to fill out the insanely long application form. You have to submit a photo and reveal your wedding date and ceremony and reception location. 

Makes sense!

The other thing you have to tell them is so strangely specific...

You have to tell them who will be paying for the gown. The options are: yourself, parent(s), relative, fiancé or friend. 

4. You also have to be okay with having a background check done on you. 

I mean...this makes sense. Those are EXPENSIVE dresses and jewels they're around. 

Sorry, but no five-finger discounts here! 

5. Okay so you know how every episode there's always a dress from Pnina Tornai featured? It turns out that your consultant will also show you dresses from that brand every time.

6. You get a strict call time. If you aren't at the salon at exactly that time, you're out! 

They're a BUSY show. Everyone wants to be on it. If you're not respecting their time, they have a million other women who will. Makes sense!

No white rabbits in waistcoats here. Only punctual people. 

7. There are multiple rooms and the dresses are arranged by price range. There's even a super secret room called the "half-price room." 

Everything is 50% off but might be damaged, so you have to buy it as-is!

8. When brides are being filmed, they are instructed to look into the mirrors when speaking instead of turning around and talking to the guests. 

Guests can only speak to the bride via the mirror too! 

9. If the bride doesn't have a good reaction to the dress she's saying yes to, the crew will film multiple takes. 

They just really want to capture the feels on camera so that the audience can experience it, too. 

Fun fact: the shop is actually really small.

They use clever angles and stuff to make the shop look bigger than it actually is. 

10. Your consultant is picked for you — and not randomly!

If you are blonde with an accent, they're going to choose a brunette without an accent to be your consultant. They want visual and tonal differences to add spice and variety to the camera. 

11. They have to undress in front of the camera person. 

In the changing room, they undress with the consultant and the camera person. The show is understanding of how awkward that can be for the brides, so they try to hire women to operate the cameras. 

Only slightly awkward. Hopefully a lot of these brides are not shy! 

12. Brace yourself for this behind-the-scenes secret. There's absolutely zero alcohol present at Kleinfeld. I guess when the bride and her party are celebrating and drinking "champagne," they're just drinking fizzy apple cider! 

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