Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Chrissy Teigen Rocks These Beauty Trends Like Nobody's Business

Chrissy Teigen is the funniest celeb in Hollywood. I love how she's always up for a good time, she's always down to be silly and she's never afraid to be herself. Plus, have you seen her Twitter? She's savage when it comes to slaying those internet trolls. But one thing Chrissy doesn't get enough credit for is how she looks flawless at every single red carpet event. She's always up to date about the beauty trends and manages to incorporate them in her look. 

1.  Contour

Chrissy always looks like her cheekbones have been sculpted out by Michelangelo himself. I mean, it also helps that she was born with perfect bone structure!

2. Highlight

Chrissy always looks like she's glowing on the red carpet, and that's due to the highlight she's wearing on the top of her cheekbones. 

3. Bronzed and glowing body.

How does Chrissy's whole body seem to be glowing at events? She uses a body bronzer!

4. Beachy waves

One of Chrissy's go-to looks is definitely having beautiful, bouncy, beachy waves. It looks good for a casual day out and for a glamorous red carpet event. Can I just have Chrissy's hair, please?

5. Slicked-back hair

She may love her hair down, but Chrissy also loves to show off her bone structure by keeping her hair back in a slick bun. She does this when she's running errands and when she wants to get dolled up. I love how chic this look is!

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