Saturday, October 28, 2017

First Came Triplets, Then Came Twins... And All In Just 14 Months For This Young Family

Having a new baby is a lot of work.

Between waking up multiple times throughout the night, changing diapers all day, or just trying to figure out why your baby is crying, it can get exhausting and overwhelming.

So when David and Julie found out they were expecting triplets for their first pregnancy, it was quite the shock.

Not only would they be starting a new family, but overnight they would grow into a group of five — welcoming three baby boys.

And that was just the first surprise…

The couple faced another shock when they were informed that two of the babies developed twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) during the pregnancy. TTTS can be deadly, and it often occurs during a pregnancy with numerous babies.

Despite the complication, all three baby boys were born safely and the new family welcomed them home.

As the boys grew, Julie and David decided to try for another baby. It took two years of trying the first time, so it was an astonishment when only one month later, the couple found out they were pregnant again... this time with twins!

The couple went on to have five children within 14 months.

Five babies in less than a year and a half?!

Someone get these two parents a La-Z-Boy, a couple’s massage, and a trophy for “parents of the year"!

Main and collage image via Facebook / David Grygla


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