Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Here's Proof That Dream Looks Just Like Rob Kardashian

I don't know about you, but I am kind of obsessed with Rob and Chyna after watching their reality TV show. They're just not afraid to be themselves on camera, and the two of them are so sweet to each other. And add Dream to the mix? They're just the perfect little family! Rob and Chyna have been spoiling us with photos of Dream from the very beginning, but now Rob just shared a photo on Instagram that shows Dream definitely takes after him. 

Rob and Chyna seem so happy together. 

They're ready to become the couple who everybody ships in Hollywood.

It seemed like they couldn't be any happier, but then they welcomed baby Dream into their lives. 

And from the very start, Rob and Chyna have been treating us to photos of Dream. And now there's actual proof that Dream looks just like her dad when he was younger!

On Instagram, Rob posted a photo of himself when he was a baby beside a recent photo of Dream. 

Dream has the same smile as her dad!

The photo of Dream was taken when she was with her aunt Khloé.

That's not all the proof that Dream looks like Rob. We've collected more photos where you can clearly see she takes after Rob.

Her overalls are so cute!

Look at that thick hair. She definitely gets that from her dad. 

She's so precious. 

There's that smile again! That's definitely Rob's smile.

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