Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Joe Biden Actually Has A Favorite Obiden Bromance Meme

The internet changed the second it discovered Joe Biden and Barack Obama's bromance. It was a bromance for the ages! You could just see the love between the two men in the photos. And then the internet did what it always does: it turned every single photo of these two into hilarious memes. People were unaware if Joe and Barack knew about the memes, but now we know Joe's favorite one out of the bunch!

Joe Biden's daughter Ashley confirmed that he has seen the memes. 

She showed them to her father and supposedly he “sat there for an hour and laughed." 

Guys, Joe has a favorite meme! 

And spoiler alert: it isn't one where Joe is made out to seem like the prankster to Barack's straight man role. 

His favorite one is the picture of him and Obama holding on to each other and their wives doing the same. 

How sweet is that?! 

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Author: verified_user