Sunday, October 15, 2017

Joe Keery AKA Steve Harrington Is In A Band, And Now We're Even More Obsessed With Him

If you don't watch Stranger Things, you need to leave this page immediately and binge-watch Seasons One and Two. Anyways, we're basically in love with most of the characters on the show, and after watching the entirety of Season Two, we've added Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery) to the list. 

Even though Steve was kind of an idiot towards Nancy in Season One, he becomes a straight-up hero in Season Two. And just when we thought we couldn't possibly love him any more, we discovered that Joe Keery is in a band in real life. 

And to top it all off, their music is actually REALLY good. 

It turns out that Joe's musical background began long before he was cast for his breakout role in Stranger Things

Joe's band is called Post Animal, and they released their first full-length album in October 2015. 

Post Animal's music has been described as "psychedelic rock," and Joe switches between being a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. 

Some of their most popular songs are "When I Get Home," "Lonely Jones," and "Special Moment."

And as per usual, Twitter had lots of thoughts about the already-mega-cool Joe being in a super hip band. 

And my absolute favorite tweet of them all:

I feel you, Ashley. 

Click here to check out Post Animal's YouTube channel! 


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