Tuesday, October 31, 2017

There Are Two Possible Reasons Why You Shiver When You Pee

There's nothing quite like going to the washroom and taking a pee. For some reason, it seems to feel like the most amazing thing ever. You're just going with the flow and cleansing yourself of all that extra water, lightening yourself up, and hitting a whole new level of relaxation. If you're anything like me, however, you experience a weird phenomenon that scientists refer to as "post-micturition convulsion syndrome." What could I possibly be talking about? 

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So, what is this mysterious "post-micturition convulsion syndrome?" It's just a fancy name for post-pee shivers.

It's a little more common for men than women, so if you're sitting and wondering why you've never experienced it, don't worry! No, it doesn't say anything about your health, either.

What's causing the shivers? Well, there isn't a 100% definitive answer, but there are two pretty solid explanations for it.

The first theory is that your body temperature is dropping.

Apparently, this happens because we're exposing parts of our body that are kept warm. When we expose our hidden parts to the cold air, we're overcome by a chill. Alternatively, the warm urine leaving our body also lowers our body temperature!

The other possibility is that it's a reflex of the autonomic nervous system (woo hoo, more jargon!).

Basically, this means that it's an unconscious reaction to peeing. It's the same as how we close our eyes when we sneeze. If you shiver when you pee, it's because you're either cooling down or it's an involuntary response (or magic)!

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