Sunday, October 15, 2017

These Photos Reveal The Shocking Power Of Makeup

Chances are that any woman walking down the street is wearing makeup. She could be wearing anything from just a touch of concealer to hide a blemish, or she could be decked out Kim Kardashian-style in a full face of makeup. How can you tell? If she's an amateur, there's a distinct line on the neck that should be your tell-tale sign that she's coated in foundation and bronzer, and you'll instantly know she won't look like that after a run-in with a wet wipe. If she's a makeup whiz, well, you better schedule your next date by the pool to find out...

Just take a look at the shocking power of makeup. I can't even believe they're the same women.

It's like her hotter younger sister showed up

Ah, the magic of contouring...

What's contouring, you say? It's geometric and weird and somehow turns into this:

Obviously, celebrities are in on the makeup game too

These women are almost completely unrecognizable


Not even the same person

Kimora doesn't even look like Kimora without makeup

These transformations...


No one is safe

And of course, their god:

Collage source: Pinterest / Victoria Donates


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