Sunday, October 8, 2017

This One Easy Trick Will Turn Hard Boiled Eggs Into A Valentine's Breakfast Delight

Hardboiled eggs are delicious and good for you. They're a great way to start the day. And they are a really thoughtful breakfast to make your loved one. BUT...they look SO plain. It's just a roundish white rubber blob. It doesn't have to be. It COULD be cute though, with a little time, and some things that you have lying around your home. SO on Valentine's Day, this year, use this incredible hack, brought to you by Diply, and turn that hard boiled egg into an adorable heart to give to YOUR heart.

What you'll need:

- eggs
- chopstick (make sure it's clean)
- elastics
- milk carton (empty...because otherwise you're in for a HUGE mess)

The method:

Hard boil your eggs. While they are boiling away, cut into the milk carton until you have one side (with the bend). Peel your eggs. Place your eggs in the carton and put a chopstick on top. Secure this in place with the elastics. Wait ten minutes. Take the contraption apart and VOILA! Cut into that egg and you have adorable, nutritious and delicious hearts. I'm thinking breakfast in bed with these would be super thoughtful.  


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