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Where 'Dennis The Menace' Is Now

I've said it once and I'll say it again – ladies love a bad boy. But if you think I'm talking about the leather jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding, class-skipping teenagers who started smoking cigarettes when they were 12, you couldn't be more wrong. I'm talking about the originalbad boy – the one, the only... Dennis The Menace. It's been over 20 years since we first saw the popular comic book character come to live on the big screen, but memories of him annoying his neighbor Mr. Wilson are still freshly engraved in my mind. I wonder what Dennis looks like today...

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In 1993, Mason Gamble brought the iconic comic book character to life in a live action film co-starring Walter Matthau.

Longtime fans of the character were pleased to see such an accurate depiction and the on screen chemistry between Gamble and Matthau was exceptional.

Mason Gamble did such a great job that many film viewers expected to see him blow up in Hollywood. 

It seemed like he had it all!

But a lot has changed over the past 23 years...

...just wait until you see what he looks like today!

This is what Mason Gamble looks like today.

Crazy, right?!

The little boy has turned into a hunk!

After his breakout role in Dennis The Menace, Gamble found himself landing roles in bigger and bigger films.

Over the years he's starred in some major motion pictures.

His filmography includes greats such as Gattaca, Rushmoreand Spy Hard

I seriously can't believe how much he has grown up!

Gamble hasn't appeared on the big screen since 2011's Golf In The Kingdom

The film was based off of the popular 1971 novel of the same name.

He has also appeared on TV throughout the years.

You probably recognize him from his roles on Close To Home and CSI: Miami. 

I guess everybody grows up sometime!

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