Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Woman Abandoned As A Baby Meets Rescuers 20 Years Later

Many people believe in guardian angels or something that watches over them. Guardian angels can even be people that come and go in our lives, looking out for us during certain times. It never hurts to have a watchful eye over us in our daily lives because we could all use a little guidance now and again. Some more than others. One woman might not be here today if it wasn't for her very own guardian angel who was able to give her a chance at life when she was thrown away. 

Garold Hyatt was a construction worker in October 1995.

He was putting a load of garbage in the dumpster when he heard a whimper. He couldn't tell if it was a baby or a cat so he dug deeper. That's when he saw a bag move.

He took the bag to the nearest hospital.

It was tied and double knotted at the top, and he told doctors that he believed someone put a baby in the dumpster. One of the nurses, Carol Szafranski, opened the bag and there was in fact a baby girl.

The baby was named Mary Grace at the time.

Her biological mother was in jail awaiting a trial, and her biological father didn't know she even existed until he was named in court. 

She was adopted and named Morgan Hill.

She grew up as a normal girl with a happy and loving childhood but knew very little about what had happened to her or the man who had found her.

Anything she knew came from reading newspapers.

When she talked about her story, she didn't show much emotion — at least not until she thought about what she would say if she ever met Garold.

"Just, honestly, thank you."

"And I couldn’t say thank you enough for basically saving my life and giving me the chance to live a wonderful, beautiful life with the family I have." Little did she know who was coming up behind her at that moment.

Morgan's mother introduced the two in a heartwarming moment.

“Morgan. I would like you to meet Garold ‘Rocky’ Hyatt and his wife, Norma."

After a lifetime of waiting, Morgan had met her guardian angel.

Garold never forgot her and always wondered how she was. Thanks to him, she was able to get a second chance at life, and she's not wasting a single day of it.

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