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Camera Containing Photos Of A Man's Late Wife Is Returned A Year After
Being Stolen

Camera Containing Photos Of A Man's Late Wife Is Returned A Year After Being Stolen

Sometimes horrible things happen that just don't make sense. After such an event, you might want to just give up and not hold out hope.

For Dave Lacey of Santa Ana, California, this was definitely the case.

After suffering a horrific tragedy, Dave found that his house was burglarized. Out of all the items stolen, the most meaningful item was his camera that held all of his memories of his late wife.

He never thought he'd see the camera again, until one phone app led to a miracle!

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Dave and Erica Lacey were married in 2009.

The wedding planning had gone ahead despite one huge hiccup.

Not long before their nuptials, Erica had a cold that just wouldn't go away.

Eventually, she went to see the doctor, and the news wasn't good.

They found two large tumors in Erica's chest behind her diaphragm.

She had a rare aggressive form of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Doctors urged her to focus on treatment and not the wedding.

But absolutely nothing was going to put this wedding on hold. 

She was so ready to marry Dave and spend whatever time she had left with her husband.

Sadly, that time was cut short...

In 2011, Dave said goodbye to Erica.

She passed away two short years after the wedding.

Dave and Erica's family held a memorial event to celebrate Erica's life.

Hundreds of photos of the event and Erica's funeral were taken on a camera that Erica had bought before she passed.

When she was diagnosed, she bought the camera so she could capture small beautiful moments of her remaining time.

But one year after Erica's celebration of life, another terrible thing happened to Dave.

Someone broke into his home and stole all of his most valued possessions. 

Among these stolen items, which included his Xbox, was the camera.

The camera that held every happy moment of Dave and Erica's last two years together.

It was like losing Erica all over again.

Lacey said, "I had written it off ... as gone and stolen forever."

But thanks to an iPhone app, everything changed.

Another crime victim had an app on his phone that worked as a tracking beacon for his stolen computer.

This man called the police and gave detectives Paul McClaskey and Jerry Verdugo the information.

They immediately went to the apartment indicated by the iPhone app.

At the apartment, the stolen computer was found, among some other stolen items.

Police arrested David Aguilar and his girlfriend Monica Molina on burglary charges, to which they plead guilty.

But police found something in the apartment that would change everything for Dave...

Stacks of receipts from various pawn shops were found lying around the apartment.

Using the receipts, police were able to track down other stolen items at a local pawn shop.

Including Dave's camera.

Detective McClaskey turned on the camera to see hundreds of photos of a young woman's funeral.

"As I started thumbing through it, it was apparent that it was a camera that was special,’ said Verdugo.

At the time, the detectives had no clue who the camera belonged to, but they happened to recognized a unique blue house that they'd driven by before.

Police scoured the neighborhood, unable to find the blue house.

It wasn't until a neighbor told them a certain house on the block used to be blue but had been renovated, and that its owner had just lost his wife to cancer.

They knew they'd found a match!

When Dave got the call that his beloved camera had been found, he was in disbelief.

"I thought it was a joke at first. I had given up all thought of recovery," he said.

Dave immediately recognized the handmade camera strap on the camera that Erica had made —

"She was a super, super strong woman. Super talented," he continued.

When he turned on the camera to find all of his old photos, his emotions were clear —

"I feel like someone was watching out for me, just to get it back."

I can only imagine what it would feel like to get something this valuable back.

Ahhh, we love happy endings! 

See the amazing video for yourself!

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h/t Daily Mail

Pink Dolphins Exist And People Are Freaking Out About It

Pink Dolphins Exist And People Are Freaking Out About It

Since the beginning of time, people have dreamt up all kinds of interesting mythical creatures. Centaurs and unicorns are fabricated creatures that people wish existed, but unfortunately, they just don't. 

There may be a shred of hope out there that a fantasy animal of some kind exists. A rare pink dolphin has been repeatedly spotted in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana, and the footage is absolutely stunning. Have you ever seen one of these before?

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Something mystical has been spotted in the waters of Lake Calcasieu Louisiana, a popular tourist spot. 

"Pinky," first spotted in 2007, has been captured once again on camera. 

Here is another shot of the magical-looking dolphin.

This one really shows you how magnificently pink it really is! Chart boat captain Erik Rue, who took some of these Pinky photographs, said in an interview, "I had never seen anything like it. It's the same color throughout the whole body and it looks like it just came out of a paint booth."

That's not it, though. There are many more pictures of Pinky!

One reddit user posted this picture of a pink dolphin in the same lake. Given how rare pink bottlenose dolphins are, it's most likely Pinky!

Here "she" is again starting her jump out of the water.

While Erik Rue didn't take this photograph himself, he claims to have witnessed Pinky mating and is pretty sure the dolphin is a female. 

To put into perspective how rare pink bottlenose dolphins actually are, only 14 have been spotted since 1962.

What turns the dolphins pink, though?

The National Geographic explains that Pinky is an albino bottlenose dolphin.

They add that Pinky shows two sure signs of dolphin albinism: red eyes and blood vessels. The abnormal skin color in albinism results from an underproduction of the skin pigment melanin. 

Other pink dolphins exist out there in the world, not just Pinky. 

Pinky is quite special for bottlenose dolphins, but a species exists in China that are pink as well. The Chinese white dolphin can be both pink or white. The Amazon river dolphin in South America also has a pink tinge. 

Here's a video of the sighting in Louisiana!

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Pictures So Perfectly Timed Anyone Will Believe In Fate

Pictures So Perfectly Timed Anyone Will Believe In Fate

I have this really great picture of me and my cats. While any picture that contains all three of us is bound to be glorious, this one is especially great because I happened to capture not one but bothof my cats mid sneeze... at the same time.

I know — what are the chances? It's like the whole universe conspired to make all three of us look like giant weirdos.

Anyways, there are lots and lots of these glorious pictures, let's take a look at some of them, shall we?

1. What kind of dog is this?

I didn't know you could just create them out of dollar store bubbles! This would have made my childhood way more exciting. 

2. This is exactly how my dad would react to this situation.

It's probably how every dad ever would respond to this situation. Also, leave it to mom to perfectly capture this moment. How do they always do it?

3. Guess that clover isn't so lucky after all.

I can't believe that taking a Frisbee in the face would ever be a good time. Cool color matching in this picture, though. Lots of green!

4. So... my parents weren't lying about where babies came from.

This is pretty good luck that this dad was just there waiting for her. I guess parents-to-be kind of know when they're about to arrive. 

5. The literal moment before chaos.

This is why I don't go near pools. You could literally fall into one at any time and no one would be able to help you until after the fact.

6. I have to say, this is pretty incredible. 

It looks like a bird-human hybrid. It's cool that he has wings and hands. How long do you think it would take for them to take over the world?

7. This kid for sure has the Benjamin Button disease. 

At least that means he will look younger as he gets older... That isn't so bad, right? Plus, he'll be able to get all his friends into R-rated movies. 

8. This is one of my greatest selfie nightmares...

Capturing myself at a weak and embarrassing moment. Of course, I could always delete the picture before anyone knew about it. 

9. Honestly, I aspire to be this kind of perfectly timed background addition to a photo.

They won't know me, but they certainly won't forget me. I like those odds, you know? Maybe they would even talk about me for generations. Who knows. 

10. Do you think these people are fans of The Simpsons?

They've got to be, or this is the most perfectly timed coincidence ever. Like, it would only make sense that someone with a Simpsons van would also be watching it all the time.

11. This is actually really beautiful.

Kind of makes you believe in soul mates or something. Or, at the very least, the idea that there really is love out there for everyone. It looks like the dog sees it, too! 

12. I absolutely love this!

Everything about this is magical. Seriously, what are the chances of this happening? They're so beautiful. Nature will never cease to amaze me — animals are so perfect. 

13. Remember the Super Moon?

That was a thing. While a little disappointing, there were some cool pictures that came from it. I love the blue of the sky in the background — I always think it's the most beautiful time of day. 

14. This is next-level creepy.

I imagine recalling this memory will be a breakthrough for this kid 20 years from now when she's in therapy. Where were they that people were handing out balloons with that face on it?!

15. Let's just finish on a really classy note.

Any one who has a cat knows this struggle.

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19 Pictures Funnier Than A Drunk Student Pooping In Public

19 Pictures Funnier Than A Drunk Student Pooping In Public

Whether you like being on the internet or not, chances are you spend a lot of time on it anyways. It's impossible not to. Your phone is connected, your tablet is connected, even the damn televisions these days are connected. 

That said, going cold turkey is probably an unreasonable goal, but I feel that cutting down the time you spend searching for the content you want isn't. 

Hopefully, this list of funny pictures can give you exactly what you'd otherwise be spending hours searching for. 

1. Pigeon is a delicacy in some places

2. An experienced traveler to say the least

3. Winners win no matter what

4. Daddy's little helper

5. One of the few times the mannequin challenge came in handy

6. A match made in heaven

7. Nailed it!

8. KFC is savage

9. Too real

10. Genius

11. His contribution cannot be overstated

12. "It's eating me up inside, Doc"

13. At the rate we were going, I thought this day would never come

14. Beggars can't be choosers

15. I'm definitely a number two

I'd use my powers for the worst things

16. Accurate

17. Priorities

18. I don't blame you, that thing is frighting 

19. Sundays are off limits